How to Give a Cat a Pill

If you have ever attempted to get a small child to swallow a pill, you know how hard it can be. Cats are no better at accepting pills – they generally will not open their mouths for any price, but different than children, cats can fight back with their claws and teeth. So, before you try getting your cat to swallow a pill, it is significant to know a few things about it.

There are lots of different hints put forth by folks on this matter, but many of them – such as trying to hold a cat down and forcing him to swallow a pill – usually only result in wasted pills and lots of scratches. Other people might suggest crushing the pill, mixing it with butter or spreadable cheese and then spreading this on your cat's fur. The idea is that your cat will lick it off, but there are more adept ways to give your cat medicinal drug!

Here's the easiest way to get your cat to swallow a pill:

From behind, gently grasp your cat's maxilars joint with your thumb and index finger. It is easiest if you pick up your cat while he's sitting up off the ground someplace. Gently draw your cat's head back, elevating the mouth. Cats do not like this, but they will not oppose it. Implement a small amount of pressure to the jaws with your fingers.

Slip a finger between the cat's front teeth and press down on the bottom jaw. Do not be concerned about being bitten; a cat does not have any power when its head is bent back. As the cat's mouth is open, take the pill (which you have had in your free hand the whole time) and put it as far back in the cat's mouth as you can as promptly as you are able to. Try to avoid as much contact with the tongue as possible, so the cat does not sample the nasty medicine and spit it out.

Let the cat's mouth shut and hold him until he swallows, gently rubbing his neck. Then, let the cat go and keep an eye on him for a couple of seconds. A few cats will make believe to swallow and then spit out the pill when you're not looking. Whenever your cat licks his mouth, it is a good indication that he really swallowed.

Accompany the pill with a delicious treat. That way, your cat will connect the pill ritual with something yummy. Enforcing a feeding schedule will help with all your moments of discomfort with your cat.

If you're free-feeding your cat (leaving food out at all times for him to eat as and when he feels like it), stop doing this. Enforcing a feeding schedule has two main benefits: it increases the reward-value of food treats as training devices, and also introduces a semblance of routine into your cat's life (which, believe it or not, most cats actually prefer.)

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