Free Background Checks

Each business owners out there want to make sure that they will be having a reputable name and the safety of their employees and the business itself is high. It is very important that you know if the employees that are working with you are not criminals and the safety and security of the business is guaranteed. It is a fact, that there are about 11% of new applicants these days have criminal records. These criminal records may include jail time and armed robbery and so on. Let's face it, there are some people who are applying for a position just to deceive and victimize others, like for instance, they will be given a chance to steal from the business later on.

When there are new vacancies in your business, there will be lots of applicants who will apply for the position. Out of those hundreds of applicants you will dig over to select few based on their credentials, education and their criminal history. Typically, you will select those who do not have criminal history written to their papers. But there are some applicants that will put there criminal background, normally, these are the persons that you turn down. Those applicants that do not put any criminal history are the ones that you should do background checking with. These people maybe are some of those who are hiding their true identities.

Rather than simply using what they wrote in their application forms, why not do background checks to those applicants who do not put any criminal records on their papers to insure if they are being honest or just covering up their true identities. It is best to do full-fledge background checks on your qualified applicants to determine if the credentials they showed you are correct or not.

You can conduct free background checks online. You can use the search engines such as Google to gain information on someone. Yes, you may want to do free background checks thinking that it will save you money, but the truth is you will just be wasting your time and effort and will not gain what you are seeking for.

When in terms of screening your applicants, conducting free background checks are not the best thing that you should do. It is the best option for you to go with paid search services. It is worth it, spending little money to insure that you will be having trustworthy and reliable employees. Since with paid search services, you will obtain accurate and exact information with the background checks that you are conducting.

With free background checks , you will not only gain incomplete information but you will not be winning any assurance that the information you will be getting is accurate and correct. But with paid search services such as Sherlock Records, you will be paying if you will be given with 100% accurate and correct information. With a little of your time, and with the comfort of your home and office, you will achieve the detailed information you want.

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Source by Liza Maledevic Ayson