How to Perform Bulk Background Checks

When performing bulk background checks, a company must first consider the reputation of the searching firm. This means that the firm who will provide the reports must have a reputation of, not only the accuracy of their reports, but for maintaining the confidentiality of their clients. Since the business will be providing such critical information such as social security number and birth dates, the company must protect this information from any outside source.

When choosing a company to perform your bulk background checks, the searching firm should provide a way for the company to submit the data directly to the searching company. The easiest way to perform this function would be to provide the clients with a web site where they can enter the vital information. This would include fields for name, social security number, birth date, city and state of residence. It may also include a field for the company to enter which branch is requesting the search. This is of great benefit when tracking expenses for the various branches of your company.

The company should also employ licensed private investigators to perform the background checks for the employees. This is because a private investigator understands the tricks that a criminal can use to hide their activities, such as using a variation of their name. For example, if the employee is named James, they may have used Jim or Jimmy in the past. Under a standard database search, the name must match exactly, but a reputable company will search for all variations of common names.

The company should also offer the business the ability to customize their bulk background checks to meet the specific needs of the business. Your company may only need to verify the social security number and residential history of a potential employee. You may not need nor want a criminal background check, and the searching firm should be flexible enough for you to only receive and pay for the information you require.

This aspect of bulk background checks is the most often overlooked when companies search for verification agencies to vet their employees. Companies believe that they must pay for and receive a complete detailed report of every potential employee but that is not the case. Your company should only have to receive the information required and should only have to pay for the specific information. There may even be criminal problems if the company received information that local law prohibits them from seeing about potential employees.

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Source by P D Smith