How to Improve the Communication of Management Messages to the Staff?

Management communications can enhance mutual trust, promote employee commitment, and boost morale. On top of that, it helps to improve productivity.

The most popular communications methods include: face-to-face communication, e-mails, telephone, notice-boards, etc. nowdays, the intranet is a very effective method of communication.

It is better for the manager goes to an employee's work station rather than make phone calls. Face-to-face discussion shows your sincerity and what's more, it is more open and direct.

Company intranet tend to be a very effective channel of communication. It is speedy in relaying the corporate news, management messages, internal changes, etc. and it Promotes information equality, as everyone has access to it.

First of all, I think it is important to clearly state your overall purpose and expectation. In this way, employees know exactly what they should do to meet work requirements and to achieve performance excellence.

In addition to this, providing feedback on their performance is also important. On the administrative part, performance reviews help managers to keep track of possible problems in their own work. On the part of the employees, they get encouraged for their hard work and are given chances to correct mistakes made on the job.

Complaints from employees typically reflect the problems within the firm; some even show problems of the management. Listening to the complaints helps managers to find problems and ways to resolve them.

Beside, managers should be more open in sharing information with their subordinates. They should let employees know in advance any proposed changes before they actually occur. This will enhance mutual understanding and trust.

It is also very helpful if employees get chance to attend training courses on interpersonal skills. Such training will enable them to communicate more effectively.

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Source by Katherine Lee