Goal Setting – 5 Top Tips For Getting Things Done

At different times around the year, particularly during these early months, people always seem to be asking themselves, "How can I better manage my time?" Egypt, "How do I get more work done in less time?" One solution … better Goal Setting.

Many people are often left wondering why there are people who can finish their work and still find the extra time to go out and have fun, where as quite often it just looks like there is so much to be done, but there is so little time . Another solution … better Time Management.

It does not matter if it's a work goal, career goal or a personal goal. You will always need to set your goals clearly and enforce better time management in order to achieve them.

Goal Setting is not hard to do. It does not even have to take too much time, but is important so should be taken seriously.

Here are some strategies and goal setting tips for you to get things done ;

  1. Make a specific goal. An example might be that you want to increase the sales of your business from 5 percent last month to 10 percent this month.
  2. Dare to be bold. It's OK to dream big. An example might be that you want to reach the position of Manager by the end of this year. If you aim for the stars and hit the moon, you can still be proud of your accomplishments.
  3. Write down your goal. Keep it in areas that you will always see it, like the refrigerator door or your PC monitor. Every individual wants to grow in their career, so if you have a career goal like the one above, committing it to paper will help you get that promotion.
  4. Focus on your goals. Do not get distracted by external negativity, which will just pull you away from your aim. There will be a lot of up and downs through the process. Just stay focused on the end result of achieving your goal and never give up.
  5. Take a break. Most people fail to succeed because they lose focus and / or give up which can be a result of tiredness. Set yourself a time limit. Stay focused on the task at hand without distraction. Then at the appropriate time, take a well deserved break to recharge your batteries guilty free!

By following these goal setting tips and other strategies that you might find through your journey, there will be no doubt that you will be able to get those things done in no time.

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Source by Oliver Martins