Private Investigator Careers – Residential Burglary

If you live in a suburban neighborhood, chances are that one of your neighbors' houses will be burglarized this year. If burglars stuck your house once, the odds of burglarizing your house again are higher. Because of these odds, it is important that you should have a burglar alarm system installed in your house. Having a burglar alarm reduces your chances of your home being burglarized by 90 percent.

Suppose your purse was stolen, car stolen, and your house burglarized. You obviously feel violated that strangers rummaged through your personal things and took what belong to you.

Burglaries are difficult cases to solve. Nationwide, law enforcement authorities implemented a little over 12 percent of cases involving forced entry. On the other hand, they solve close to 50 percent of sexual assaults and sometimes over 60 percent of aggravated injuries. The reason for these skewed statistics is that with rapes and assaults, the victim and the perpetrator meet face-to-face. With most burglaries, nobody knows who the perpetrators are.

It is typical that private investigators get job orders to solve burglaries for two reasons:

  1. Law enforcement does not investigate because the monetary loss of property is not enough to warrant the manpower.
  2. Police showed up but have not solve the case.

Either way, odds are that you will not be contacted until several days after the crime occurred.

The bottom line regarding a burglary is that a private investigator is not going to solve the case without your neighborhood investigation coming up with something or his client has a suspect in mind. Most victims of burglaries know who the burglar is but do not realize it. Typically, the burglar has been in the house at least once in the past. He may be a salesman or a member of the maintenance crew of your apartment complex. There are some burglaries that are a random crime. Everyone is a suspect in a burglary. Burglars could be friends of the victim's teenage children. It is surprising that crimes against properties are perpetrated by teenagers who know the victims and their children too well.

If your house has been burglarized, compile a list of people who you think might have committed the offense. Take into consideration people who have been in your house in the last three months. Delivery drivers, movers, maintenance personnel, professional maids.

Hopefully, your neighbors will have seen something out of the ordinary. Perhaps they might have seen someone and have a description of the perpetrator. Maybe the perpetrator left some evidence behind.

Heeding these tips can help solve the crime of burglary.

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Source by Fabiola Castillo