A Lack Of Commitment Is One Of The Major Causes Of Failure

People by the millions are bailing out of jobs, careers, businesses, relationships and life in general. Many of these people lack commitment to a cause, lifestyle, purpose, or outcome. When it gets a little tough, uncomfortable, or they don’t get the results they thought they would as quickly as they thought they should, their response is: “I’m outa here.”

By commitment I am not suggesting you should endure an abusive relationship, continue to work for an organization that treats you unprofessionally or hold on to a business that has been dead and buried. I am suggesting, however, that you consider your attitude about this concept. Is bailing out your knee jerk reaction to difficult times, a failure, a stressful period in a relationship, continuous problems or a bad year?

Many people today seem to lack any sense of real commitment and responsibility. Everyone wants to blame someone or something for their problems or adversity. Difficult times can build strength and character, and can give you a real “high” when you overcome them. You cheat yourself of this sense of accomplishment when things are easy.

Life is not meant to be easy, but living it is. The key to remember is what is happening isn’t really that important. There will always be “negative stuff” in your business, career, relationships and life in general. The secret is to understand that it isn’t what is happening ‘out there’ in the world, but what is happening ‘inside’ in your inner world of thought, feelings and consciousness.

There is a tremendous benefit to sticking it out when life throws you curves. These times can be the most creative and motivating, and provide you with a tremendous opportunity for growth. Change in status in any business, career or relationship brings both the need and benefit of new thinking and acting. Avoiding these times by quitting robs you of this joy of winning and learning.

How committed are you in all areas of your life? Are you considering throwing in the towel? Have you experienced ‘more than you can handle’ issues? Does it seem as if life is picking on you? Join the club, my friend. Everyone has issues, problems, or stuff in their life. It comes with the territory.

But you have a choice. You can look down and see the mud or look up and see the sun. You can give up, quit and move on, or you can draw a line in the sand saying: “this is where I make my stand.” Just think of how many opportunities are missed because people quit one day, week or month too soon.

Don’t let it happen to you. Commit, go for it, never give up, believe in your dreams, future and life.

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Source by Tim Connor