How to Use Auctionator – WoW Addons

There’s a little add-on called Auctionator, but really what it stands for is “Make you a lot of money if you know how to use it properly”.

There are a lot of people who think that because they have downloaded and installed add-ons, such as Auctionator, that they are “using” them or have “tried” them. These people also go around telling you how they don’t work or they already “knew” about these add-ons and it’s nothing new to them. Yet, they will search the internet for gold making solutions. Don’t be one of these people.

Auctionator is the only add-on you need to make money and I’m going to tell you how to use it to do just that in the next few paragraphs.

After you’ve downloaded and installed Auctionator, you will notice that when you open the Auction House window, you have three new tabs at the bottom. These are from Auctionator and they are “Buy, Sell, and More”.

The Buy Tab

The buy tab is an advanced version of the search feature that the Auction House window has by default. Instead of listing items one by one however or every post, it will list every listing that’s the same quantity and by the same user, all together, so it’s much easier to buy things in mass. For example, if Susan listed 7 auctions of a stack of infinite dust, when you use the default search you will see all 7 auctions in a window. This is overwhelming, on the buy tab you will see it listed as 7 stacks of 20 with a price, in just a single line, you will also have the option to click and buy all 7 stacks with one stroke or 3 of the stacks or however many you want. You won’t have to click each of the 7 stacks and buy out each one like you would with the default UI. This saves time buying things in mass quantities.

The Sell Tab

The sell tab works in the same way. Instead of posting an individual auction in the default UI, you can simply drag anything you want into the sell window and quickly break it into groups, stacks, prices, etc, very fast. It also by default will automatically scan the entire auction house for the prices of the item you drag into the window and cut the lowest one by 5% or you can select which auctions you want to undercut in another window. You can also configure these options very extensively. This allows you to post auctions in mass at the best prices.

The More Tab

This tab basically allows you to scan all your current auctions, see who undercut you, and more.


That’s a very basic jest of how to use Auctionator.

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Source by John B. Hunter