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USPS shipping rates to change again on January 4, 2010 . Changes are mainly small increases, which we will be recorded in this booklet. We still continue to examine the dilemma of the buyer-seller now in progress. How the seller to collect a fair shipping fee, and is still making a profit? Is there an easy way for buyers to analyze a vendor delivery basis to determine whether the transmission is too high?

First, let's become educated about USPS shipping . In 2007, the USPS not only raised their rates, but also changed the method they calculated rates, placing their emphasis on the shape and size of packages, and machinability, not only on body weight. The theory is that the cost can be overcome by the machinability usable automated scanning and processing engine can be used in full, and to reduce the need for human intervention. A small fee is charged for the nonmachinable package.


before 5/11 / eff 5/11 change / +

Media Mail <1 pound $ 2.23 / $ 2.38 / +.15

New level of 1-2 pounds $ 2.77

New level of 2-3 pounds $ 3.16

Small gain weight, maximum 70 pounds

Some forms, such as tubes and square envelopes, may require additional postage

Priority Mail

by zones of less than 1 pound $ 4.95 / $ 4.95 / all the weight now vary according to zone up to $ 5.55 for the first pound.

After a pound, an increase in the rate of non-linear. For example, a package of 1-2 pounds traveling from NY to Vermont still will cost $ 4.95 but the same package will be from NY to California would cost $ 9.55, up from $ 8.70 / $ 0.60 +.

Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope (12-1 / 2 "x 9-1 / 2") $ 4.90 / $ 4.90, or place (8-5 / 8 "x 5-3 / 8" x 1-5 / 8 ") without the weight or destination $ 4.95 / $ 4.95 / no change

Priority Mail Flat Rate Box Medium (11 "x 8-1 / 2" x 5-1 / 2 "or 13-5 / 8" x 11-7 / 8 "x 3-3 / 8") regardless of weight or destination $ 10.35 / $ 10.70 / + $ 0.35

Priority Mail Flat Rate Box $ 13.95 large weightless / $ 14.50 / + $ 0.65, slightly lower for the APO / APO addresses: $ 11.95 / $ 12.50 / $ 0.65

Great first class envelope (rectangular, not more than 12 inches high by 15 inches long 3/4 inch thick; – should not be rigid and uniform thickness) vary from 1 oz. at $ .71 / $ .88 / + $ .03 13 oz maximum. to $ 2.92; package price (No more than 108 inches in length and girth combined) rates vary from 1 oz. of $ 1.22 to a maximum of 13 oz. for $ 3.26 (no change in the package.)

Delivery confirmation $ 0.80, no change.

eBay requires the cost of insurance for inclusion in the post quoted to you, the seller can no longer costs as a separate service. The seller USPS charges $ 1.75 to $ 50.00 the first value / amount varies for each additional $ 50.00 value, no change, but not many sellers offering more insurance.

How does this affect the domestic BUYER ? The concern for buyers is unchanged:

  • Realizing how much the actual shipping costs, and watchful for sellers who charge excess rates and handling costs. E-Bay has tightened guidelines for their delivery, so this is less likely to occur than a few dollars for handling past.A fair, but $ 5 or $ 10 extra gouging. If you have not read the seller shipping policies before you bid or buy, then you have to buy postage increases and the item! Make an informal survey on the item, read the various vendor shipping policies, and feel what to look for in a FAIR policy, and what to avoid. Sellers sometimes charge a handling fee and delivery with a flat rate, citing the cost of packaging materials, the work to package item, gas to go to the post office as a pretext for an additional fee.
  • eBay has made it easier for buyers to report unfair procedures of delivery, responding to complaints about excessive shipping as they have in the past about other practices that are not appropriate. If you find a list of what looks like excess shipping, drop the line vendors to tell them that their shipping costs appear excessive, and requested clarification. Sellers are generally very helpful about answering questions, and clear all misunderstandings about their policies. How does a vendor approaches your question is a good indicator of their general business philosophy. If you get a response, prompt fun, you can probably expect the current transaction, and I'm sure you can fill the vacancy on the rough or a short response … there is a link at the bottom of each list so you can make a complaint about excessive shipping.

HOW MUCH RISK ARE YOU PERSONAL willing to take? In a perfect world, we will not suffer loss, if we act as buyers or sellers. enforcable customer service policy, but enforcement will be needed because everyone would treat others fairly. Unfortunately, eBay is the world a more perfect society, and there is no moderate. How many people will take risks was the decision, personal subjective, such as decisions about how many people will try to take advantage of others and the point where people believe that he is being exploited. Personally, as a seller, I prefer to ensure that any item valued at over $ 50.00.



  • How do you protect yourself. Ask questions if you have them, and if you choose to buy from the seller, do not expect a different matter if there is a problem. Do not use feedback as a weapon-it was against eBay policy. Although the regulations do not allow sellers feedback leaving negatives, sellers are not required to leave feedback.
  • If the seller does not include insurance in the amount of shipping costs, you may still be covered for losses if you pay for your purchase via PayPal or credit card, ot if you purchase the eBay buyer protection. Monitor the time because no time to wait before a claim can be filed, and the time limit after which you no way.


State your terms clearly and follow up. Elaborating on the insurance included in shipping costs, and what your policy on items lost in post or damaged in the mail.

  • Know your shipping services . Media Mail and Parcel is a good offer, but they are not Priority Mail service. USPS estimates 4-10 days for delivery via non-Priority mail. Realistically, could take up to 5 weeks for domestic mail delivery during the holiday season, or if the package is traveling between distant points like New York and Alaska. That's because there is no place available in the trucks, and must wait for available space first. If you need the item immediately, for example, a gift for someone or a textbook for the class-you would be better to use Priority or First Class Mail and pay a little more for a faster delivery time 2-3 days.
  • If you find a vendor with a fair policy, and good merchandise, bookmark or sellers shop for future reference.

The seller can profit in the short term from gouging on shipping, but they do risk their depreciation (negative feedback) and extremely harm them in the long term (loss of repeat business, the punishment of eBay). Such practices assure the strength of our community, and gain competitive advantage.

Way for advertisers to keep shipping prices low:

  • Use creative packaging: recycle, return, bubble wrap and peanuts. That's good for the environment and save on buying the retail package. Save the film tube, the pill bottle with the supervisor, and clean plastic bags to protect small items. Buy a paper machine press and damaged, and junk mail for packing material.
  • Connect your tasks and plan your route to save time and petrol.
  • Use USPS "Click'n'Ship to print your stamps, and pay less for postage, and delivery confirmation .For a few reservations, by using PayPal MULTIORDER SHIPPING. and you can choose the option that produces a scannable number of binding all the numbers together as a delivery confirmation single file. -free if you have at least a Priority or Express Mail package.
  • Offer discounts for multi-item purchases.
  • Go to the price of the runner other than USPS (UPS, FedEx DHL) because they may be better to buy some type of mail (eg: a very large packages or weight).

INTERNATIONAL RATE CHANGES -4 January brought little change.

International Priority : This will give the general idea

Flat rate envelopes (12-1 / 2''x'9-half) or Small boxup flat rate to 4 pound (8-5 / 8 "x 5-3 / 8" x 1-5 / 8 ")

Canada / Mexico : $ 11.45 was $ 10.95-12.95 / now

All Other Countries : Varies / now $ 13.45

Regular flat levels of up to 20 pounds (FRB1 11 "x 8-1 / 2" x 5-1 / 2 ") or Egypt (FRB2 13-5 / 8" x 11-7 / 8 "x 3-3 / 8" )

Canada / Mexico : the $ 25.95 / now $ 26.95 / + $ 1.00

All Other Countries : was $ 41.95 / now $ 43.45 / $ 1.50

Great place flat rate up to 20 pounds

Canada / Mexico : is $ 32.95 – $ 33.95 $ 53.95 / now

All Other Countries : Varies / now $ 55.95

International First-Class Rate zoned – up to 64 ounces, no more than 24 inches, no more than 36 inches in combined length, height, and depth.

1 oz. Package $ varies from $ 1.23 to $ 1.44 / no changes

64 oz. vary from 1 oz. packages $ 16.77- $ 30.34 / no changes

Remember that although this is also one of the Community market in the world. There are elements of good and evil in proportion to those existing in the real world. BUYERS-If you buy looks too good to be true, if it is against common sense, you may need to pass on it. Sellers-If the temptation to push sales feel vulnerable, probably is-remember that relative anonymity is not going to hide your actions from a person who is really important for your-self.

Now, go and eBay!

Thank you to my sources: US Government Accountability Improvement of Post and legal texts, USPS guide Rates and Fees Effective January 4, 2010, USPS guide Rates and Fees Effective January 2008 4,; e-Bay and Bay sellers shipping board, and PayPal.

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Source by Zainol R Burhan