Checkout Location Can Make Or Break Dollar Store Sales

If you are starting a dollar store you are likely struggling to determine exactly the right location for your checkout area. On the one hand popular opinion states that placing the cash registers dead center in front of the exit slows theft. On the other hand blindly making this decision sets you up to lose potential sales and extremely profits for your business. With so much at risk this important decision should not be taken lightly. Invest the time to really understand your options and the potential repercussions associated with each. Read on as I present 5 potential considerations when making this decision.

# 1) Do not block traffic flow.
Examine the planned flow of traffic so you interfere with traffic flow as little as possible for those inside your store. Remember; a well placed sign or two can make it easy for shoppers to spot your cash registrants when they are ready to make their purchases.

# 2) Do not block customer entrance into your store.
You may be inclined to place the checkout stand at an easy to find location when starting a dollar store. While this is an important consideration, do not automatically assume placing them front and center in your store will achieve the best final results. Do be sure the final placement allows for easy store entry and egress, yet that it also supports theft prevention, easy movement once inside the store, and quick and easy payment for sales.

# 3) Deter theft.
The placement of your cash registers can help reduce theft in your store. However when starting a dollar store be sure to examine all layout options for an effective layout to control traffic once shoppers are in the store. Properly placed cash registers, and well placed displays can funnel traffic directly in front of your cashers.

# 4) Add appropriate training no matter what decision you finally make.
Cashiers and other employees need training to help make your final cash register location works to the best advantage for your store. Make sure employees are aware of your expectations, and that staffing levels at and around the cash registers support the needs of your shoppers.

# 5) Incorporate a strategy that builds sales levels for your business.
With a little care your final location can even serve to help grow sales and profits for your business. For example, leaving space for bulk displays in the lobby creates a great merchandising opportunity that can lead to more quickly achieving profits for your business.

To your success when starting a dollar store!

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Source by Bob Hamilton