Choosing The Right Tactical Boot

Tactical boots come in all types, sizes, colors and functionality. Depending upon your profession or your recreational activity, you will want to choose your tactical boots wisely.

I like to group tactical boots into three categories: Recreational or everyday use, Law Enforcement and Military. All three categories require unique properties that different boots will offer so this article is designed to highlight the differences so you may make a better, more informed decision to what boot you would need and in what environment.

Lets take the law enforcement category first. Police officers obviously have a duty uniform that they must adhere to. So first things first the boots need to be black. Now depending on whether they are street officers or patrol officers may determine if they would need the 8″ or 6″ heights. Putting height aside for a second there are some key features that a police and patrol officer will be looking for in a quality tactical boot. First, the ability to run quickly. Police offers are often in foot pursuit of suspect and need a boot that is lightweight while still maintaining its durability. The soles need to be slip resistant and a good police boot will have tow lugs designed for climbing fences and heel lugs for fast braking. Although a safety toe is a personal choice and some officers prefer it while others don’t, having the option is important when shopping for police boots.

When it comes to the military, their needs are slightly different than law enforcement. In today’s military environment they are typically in dry, hot sandy environments. Whether it be Iraq or Afghanistan, they need boots that will mesh with the topography. Desert boots are ideal. These tactical boots are a light coyote brown color that are made purposefully for hot weather climates. Designed with instep vent holes and a antibacterial moisture-wicking lining, the feet of military men and women will stay dry, cool and comfortable.

Lastly is the tactical boot for the outdoor enthusiasts or for everyday wear. The great thing about quality tactical boots is they tend to be extremely comfortable and literally “ready to wear” right out of the box. This is something all outdoor enthusiasts look for. Whether they are headed to the range or hiking a trail they expect their boots to feel good from the moment they put them on to the time they take them off. Some features that are important to outdoor enthusiasts is a boot that was built on a hiking boot platform that offers adequate volume in the forefoot and a secure fit around the mid-foot and ankle. If out in the wilderness you will also want something that is waterproof so look for a tactical boot that offers a waterproof breathable membrane.

There are many different tactical boots to choose from so make sure that when purchasing a pair you buy the right boot for your duty or recreational activities. Look for some of these features in a quality pair of boots and you will be outfitted correctly.

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Source by Stacy McIntosh