State Auto Insurance Laws and Requirements – How to Comply

Each state formulates its own auto insurance laws in order to regulate and control automobile driving and its related features and impacts within that state. But, even though each state's requirements differ, the same basic objectives and concepts behind implementing these laws remain the same across the country.

The ultimate objective of financial liability laws in all states is to promote safe driving while making sure that there is compensation guaranteed for a party that may be a victim of a traffic accident. This does not only protect others who occupy the roadways but can also protect the policy holder from acquiring severe financial hardships. Also, for a smooth driving experience and in order to be in compliance with permissions, each individual owner of an automobile has to follow certain guidelines in accordance with the area where they permit.

Therefore, according to the state in which one lives, one should follow certain basic laws and comply as follows:

I. Purchase the minimum limits of liability coverage as determined by the local motor vehicle authority. These policies must have the following coverage and must meet the minimum monetary limits:

– Stated limit for injury or death of one person in one accident
– Stated limit for two or more person in one accident
– Stated limit for property damage in one accident.

II. One must carry the proof of auto insurance coverage at times in the vehicle. The proof must have insurer's details; policy details including date of issuance and expiration, its number etc.

III. Proof of auto liability coverage must be shown in the following situations, in addition to other situations:

– When asked by Law Enforcement Officials
– While renewing vehicle registration
– In case of involvement in any auto accident
– In case of any traffic violation

Therefore, since the basic concept of auto insurance laws of all states are very similar, satisfying and abiding by the laws of one's own state should be taken very seriously and one should always have the proper policies in place and effective while operating a motor vehicle.

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Source by John Pirro