The Top 5 Law Enforcement Jobs

One of the most honorable professions is that of law enforcement officer. They are present at every level from city police officer right up to federal agent. Most departments are always looking for qualified individuals to join their ranks. When deciding on a career in law enforcement there is a multitude of agencies to choose from, here are five to consider.

Police Officer

The police officer is most often found at the city level. They are tasked with general law enforcement of the cities for which they are employed. Entrance requirements vary with each department. However, most departments require that you be at least 18 years old. The education requirements can range from having a high school diploma to having a college degree. Candidates will also have to attend a department police academy. The average salary in the United States for a police officer is $ 53,540.

Game Warden

There are game wardens on local, state, and federal levels. The game warden is tasked with enforced wildlife and fisheries laws. This branch of law enforcement is well-suited for an individual that has a love of the outdoors. Most of the working time will be outside. The training and educational requirements vary for each level. The average salary of game wardens in the United States is $ 56,030.

Federal Bureau of Investigation

The FBI is probably the most high-profile of all law enforcement jobs. The FBI falls under the mandate of the Department of Justice. They have wide latitude in the areas that are covered. Most federal investigations will fall within the jurisdiction of the FBI. All candidates must possess a four-year degree, without exception. A minimum age of 23 is also required, with a maximum of 37. The beginning salary of an FBI special agent will be approximately $ 43,441. The salary will top out at $ 129,517.

United States Marshal

Probably one of the oldest branches of federal law enforcement, the marshals are tasked with providing safety and security of the federal judicial system. They are responsible for prisoner transfers, protection of court officers, and administration of the witness protection program. All candidates are required to have a four-year degree; however, the marshals' service does allow for a combination of work experience and education to qualify. Minimum age requirement is 21 years old, with a maximum of 37 years of age. Once selected candidates must go through a 17 w week training academy.

Secret Service

This agency is best known for its protection of the president of the United States. The Secret Service fall under the treasury department, so the bulk of their liability falls to investigation of monetary crimes such as counterfeiting. Each candidate must be 21 years old, with a maximum of 37. Candidates must have a four-year degree, having graduated in the top third of the class. Prospective agents go through intensive training. It begins with the 10-week Basic Criminal Investigation Program held at Glynco, Georgia. Once that is completed agents are required to attend a 17-week Special Agent Basic Training held in Washington, DC The starting salary for a Secret Service agent is $ 43,964.

These five agencies offer an exciting career path for anyone. A person can feel a real sense of accomplishment knowing that they are in a career that makes a difference.

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Source by Brent A Daniels