Careers in Laboratory-Pathology Services – Helpful Information on this Career Choice

If you are interested in a career in Laboratory Pathology services, then there is a lot of information you need to consider. You will want to fully explore this career before you make your career choice and learn all you can about your options. This is definitely a great career choice for those who enjoy jobs in the medical field and is also great for those who love the sciences as well. So, before you totally make up your mind on this career, you will need to find out about the education you will need, the variety of job opportunities available, the salary outlook, and the variety of companies that offer great employment opportunities for those involved in Laboratory Pathology services.

Educational Requirements

Of course before you can even think about higher education to become a Pathologist, you will need to make sure that you graduate from high school and that you do well. After you graduate from high school, then you will need to go on to get an undergraduate degree. Usually you will want a degree in a scientific field, such as biology, chemistry, premedical studies, or some other scientific related field.

After achieving your undergraduate degree you are going to need even more school. You are going to have to go to medical school to get your Medical Doctor degree. This can take four years of learning and if you want to have your pathology doctoral degree you may have to spend an additional two years in medical school. Once you are out of medical school, your training still is not over. You will need to have a four year maintenance working in pathology. If you want to have a subspecialty in medical pathology, then you'll need even more time as a resident. Also, you will have to take a test and be licensed by the particular state you want to practice in. So, as a general rule, you can expect to spend a minimum of 12 years training to get involved in this career.

Various Job Opportunities Available

If you work in Laboratory Pathology services, then there are a variety of different job opportunities that are available to you. There are many jobs for people involved in this career in the hospitals. You can work in the lab doing a variety of tests on various specimens trying to find out whether the patient has a disease, and if they do, what stage the disease may be in. Some pathologists also do autopsies on people who have already died as well to find out what the cause of death may have been. There are also people in this field that work in laboratories that are separate from hospitals. There are independent labs that actually work for a variety of different doctors offices, and you can find a great career working in one of these laboratories as well.

A variety of different specialties in this field exist as well. You may be able to work in specialties such as blood banking, medical chemistry, neuropathology, hematology, forensic pathology, radioisotopic pathology, or even medical microbiology. Some people that enter this career also go on to become teachers at universities as well, while others actually can train law enforcement officers a variety of techniques to use when they are doing investigations.

The Salary Outlook

When it comes to the salary that someone involved in the Laboratory Pathology services can make, there are a variety of factors that can influence these figures. The salary may depend on your experience, your specific specialty, and the area that you are working in as well. Usually you can expect to make at least $ 80,000 if you go into teaching in this field. However, as you get more experience, most people in this field with an MD degree typically earn more than $ 200,000 each year. You may also get other great benefits such as paid vacations and holidays, a retirement plan, and health insurance paid for by the company.

A Few Companies to Consider

If you are planning to get involved in a Laboratory Pathology career, than you will probably want to know what companies to consider working for, once you are ready to enter employment. A few companies to consider in the United States include Premier Pathology Laboratories in California, the UTMD Anderson Cancer in Texas, and St.. Luke's Cornwall Hospital in New York. In Canada a few great companies you may want to consider include the Provincial Health Services Authority in British Columbia, St. Mary's Hospital Center in Quebec, and Diagnostic Services of Manitoba.

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Source by Marcus Lim