Passing the CHP Written Test

You’ve decided to tackle the legendary CHP written test – the mine field of writing and reading skills that is your first hurdle to overcome in the endurance race to make the CHP eligibility list – and ultimately get hired and join the ranks of this honored law enforcement tradition.

To make this as painless as possible, let’s look at the basic assets you need in order to even consider taking this step.

“Ultimately, having a 12th grade reading and writing skill level is the key to passing the written examination phase for the Cadet, CHP.” – CHP Applicant Study Guide 2-3

Straight from the official study guide – your first asset is having high school graduate English skills. That would mean you passed your high school English classes and have retained most of the lessons you learned.

If this made you shake your head with doubt, then you need to consider what you can do to pump up your assets before you step into action with this test. This is the beginning of your dream — no room for errors and no sense in going in flat-footed and unarmed. Your mind is your weapon of choice in this battle and only a fool steps into the unknown with a rusty weapon or one that hasn’t been sighted in on the target.

Your second asset is desire to succeed. You have to want this achievement with single-minded intensity. You have to translate your desire for success into a dedicated acquisition of mental weapons that can secure your success. This means finding the best resources for studying and boosting the skills you need for the CHP Written test.

This leads us to your third asset – your willingness to take effective, focused actions that fully support achieving your CHP Written test quest.

Keep in mind that the mental processes, study techniques, and information gathering and retrieval systems you set up now should be stable, productive, and accurate enough to follow you through the testing process and into your career as a CHP law enforcement professional.

The CHP Written test is your opportunity to develop and begin honing observation techniques that capture, retain, and accurately reproduce information at the written level. You can begin grooming skills that allow you to filter pertinent facts, perform relevancy comparisons, and develop substantiated event scenarios – through focused intelligence gathering processes.

Your final asset is belief in yourself. This should be at the core of your campaign to conquer the CHP Written test — your belief in your capabilities and your law enforcement destiny.

With the right assets and the right tools, you can confidently put the CHP Written test in your pocket and move on to your next CHP test goal.

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Source by George M. Godoy