Statistical Notice 2021/15 | Bank of England


The SMMA return for end-December 2021 reporting is due on Monday 31 January 2022 by 5pm and will be reported for the first time by all firms using the Bank’s strategic data collection platform, BEEDS (Bank of England Electronic Data System).

Following the collation of the recent Key Survey data, we will soon upload your Principal and Additional User details to BEEDS, ready for you to complete and submit Form SMMA.

To ensure successful first time submission using BEEDS, we will be offering a training session on how to use the system for reporting Form SMMA to all Principle and Additional users. More information will be sent to you directly in due course.

There will be two opportunities to attend the training session:

  • Wednesday 15 December at 10am
  • Wednesday 12 January at 10am

Both sessions will cover the same content, so please only attend one session.

Please find below links to the BEEDS User Guide, SMMA Reporting Instructions and FAQ document that can all be found on our website:

Should you have any questions that relate specifically to BEEDS reporting, the submission or setup, please email

Alternatively, if you have questions specifically relating to the SMMA itself, such as completing the form or data queries, please contact


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