Changes to the provision of U.S. dollar repo operations from 1 May 2023 – Market Notice 25 April 2023

Market notice

Effective from 1 May 2023, the frequency of the Bank’s 7-day U.S. dollar repo operations will revert from daily to once per week. Operations will usually run on Wednesdays, according to the schedule posted on the Bank’s website.

The Bank continues to stand ready with other central banks to re-adjust the provision of U.S. dollar liquidity as warranted by market conditions. 

Other than as amended by this Market Notice, the terms contained within the Consolidated Market Notice for U.S. dollar repo operations dated 1 July 2021 will continue to apply to these operations. U.S. dollar repo operations are also subject to the Sterling Monetary Framework Documentation, as supplemented and amended by the Supplementary Terms for USD Repo Operations published by the Bank on 8 August 2022, which may be updated by the Bank from time to time.


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