Statistical Notice 2023/13 | Bank of England

Statistical Data Disclosure – Confidentiality Permission Review 2024

As part of our ongoing commitment to continue our streamlined process for 2024, we are seeking prior approval from reporting institutions, for when the data you provide may contribute to a published aggregate with less than three contributors. This approach will reduce the burden on reporting institutions. 

We are seeking your confirmation regarding permissions for the upcoming year, your input is crucial in maintaining the quality and integrity of the data we publish.

You have the following options for confirming your permissions:

  1. Give prior consent for all statistical forms.
  2. Give prior consent on a form-by-form basis.
  3. Give prior consent with the exception of certain data points.
  4. Opt out and give consent on a case-by-case basis.

To confirm your preferences, please take a moment and complete the Key Survey.

You will have the option to provide answers for a group of firms in one survey, e.g. for all ring-fenced banks in the banking group. Only use this option if the answers are identical for each firm in this group. In order to provide different answers for different firms, please launch a new survey and submit answers separately, using one survey per firm. 

For any adjustments to your responses in a completed survey, revisit the link, populate the survey and click submit. We will consider the latest version of your survey as your final submission. 

If your firm has previously given indefinite consent, there is no need to complete the Key Survey unless you wish to change the approach from what your firm adopted previously.

Permissions granted, excluding indefinite, will remain effective until our next review December 2024 

Please complete your preference, no later than 5pm on Tuesday 19 December 2023.


A summary of all Statistical Notice items that are yet to come into effect are also available to view on the Statistical notices page. Statistical Notices should be received by all those responsible for the completion of Bank of England returns. To amend the circulation list please subscribe.


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