Get the Right Tactical Gear – Factors to Consider

People in the police force face a lot of danger each day and this means that their gear and uniforms should be of the highest quality. The clothing and original swat boots they wear have to be comfortable and durable. These items do not come cheap therefore it is important to make sure they offer value for money. There are various factors to consider when you are making a choice when it comes to tactical gear.

Safety is one of the main factors that should be considered when purchasing tactical gear for the police. This is important because they have to protect themselves when they are going out to catch criminals. The original swat boots have to offer enough protection because they use them to kick down doors and walk through dangerous paths.

Durability is another factor to think about when making a choice. A majority of the gear is used on a daily basis therefore it has to last for a long time without wearing out. Look at the material that has been used to make the gear to make sure it is durable. Consider how often it is used and the kind of climate that it is going to be used in.

Functionality is also an important factor to keep in mind. If you are looking for gear for a particular purpose, you should make sure it is capable of handling the task.

The police also have to follow a certain dress code and this should be considered when you are making your choice. The type of uniform you choose should meet the standards that have been put in place by the force.

The gear and uniforms also need to be easy to maintain without requiring professional services.

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Key Highlights for Insurance Bill in India: Increased Consumer Safety & Scope of Investment

The Insurance Bill passed in March 2015 in both the houses is expected to have a deep impact on the Indian Insurance industry. Much anticipated and awaited, this amendment offered a bunch of benefits to both the Insurance Company and the policy holder. Increased power to regulatory bodies, more protection to policy holders and increased level of foreign investment in the sector are some of the key features of the Insurance Bill.

Listed here are some major highlights of the bill and how they can affect you:

Increased Foreign Investment: The new amendment allows up to 49% foreign investment in Indian Insurance companies from now onward. This increased capital flow is expected to revitalise the industry all together. The national players now will be able to invest in new products and expand their portfolio manifold.

What does this mean to you: how is this going to effect you as a policy holder? Well, at a glance it may seem of no significance at all, but increased foreign participation means, increased competition, wider product range and more professionalism. The increased competition in the market will also reduce malpractices such as miss-selling and misleading the policy holders. So, in long run this move can actually change the entire scenario of Indian Insurance market.

An Empowered IRDAI: This act goes a long way in strengthening the fist of IRDAI. This governing body will now onward be involved in the grass root level, such as appointing insurance agents and monitor their eligibility, capability and professionalism.

Also this governing body is now empowered to regulate the key areas of Insurance Companies such as expenses, investments, commissions payable to agents, code of conduct etc.

What does this mean to you: This enhanced power to IRDAI is sure to curtail many malpractices that are rampant today in Insurance market in India. So, as a policy holder your money will now be safer than before.

Consumer safety: Indian Insurance market was never as safe as it is now from consumers point of view. If you are worried about being misled by the insurance agent, then this act will give you peace of mind. In an effort to curtail the malpractices, the new amendment levies penalty ranging from INR 1 Crore to INR 25 Crore on any Insurance Company that indulges in mis-selling and misrepresentation.

What does this mean to you: In view of this high penalty, companies are likely to enforce stringent norms for their agent, which will in turn give you more protection as a consumer.

The Bill will also make the payment process easier for the nominees of any policy holder.

Another very significant amendment that the Bill brought is the shortening of repudiation time period for any policy. Repudiation time is the particular time period within which a policy can be declared null and void in light of wrong information furnished by the policy holder. The new bill has shortened this time to 3 years, to keep the consumer interest intact.

Health Insurance: Health insurance in India never quite received the status of a separate business vertical. But this Insurance Bill identified and addressed the problem. The amendment defines “Health Insurance Business” in full details and includes personal accidental coverage and accidental coverage while traveling in it.

What does this mean to you: This move will definitely forge a path for many robust insurance products related to health.

Empowered Industry Council: The two Insurance industry councils The Life Insurance Council and General Insurance Council are now given the status of self-regulatory bodies under this Act. Now, these two industry councils are entitled to frame bye-laws for their meeting and elections. Also the bodies can levy fees and collect them from its members.

What does this mean to you: Empowerment of these bodies has now opened up the ways of communication between the stakeholders of the industry.

Opening up the Reinsurance business front in India: The new amendments in the law have opened up the reinsurance segment quite broadly. With 49% foreign investment cap, the foreign investors can now insure a portion of the Insurance Company.

What does this mean to you: A re-insurer takes away a major risk factor from your insurance company. Re-insurance companies are generally more knowledgeable about international insurance practices. Thus opening up the re-insurance possibilities will bring in knowledge and expertise from the international players as well as make the insurance companies much more stable.

With all this key points, the Insurance Bill, 2015 was robust and actually could stand up to most of the expectations.

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Can Lawsuits Loans Help You If You Have Entered Into A Contract Declared "Null And Void?"

Unfortunately, many individuals encounter situations in which they’ve dealt with unscrupulous individuals who have, in some form or fashion, enticed them into signing contracts that are legally “null and void.” If the contract is legally null and void, the contract is unenforceable under the law in the state in which the contract was issued. (That assumes that the act itself is illegal in that particular jurisdiction.) If you find yourself in such a situation and desire to pursue litigation, you may find that lawsuit loans and settlement loans prove to be tremendously beneficial to you.

Let’s discuss an example of a situation that might arise in which a contract into which you’ve entered is declared null and void. The real question will arise regarding the date on which the act was declared null and void. If the particular action was declared null and void subsequent to the date on which you entered into the contract, another question will arise with respect to whether the individual with whom you entered into the contract either knew or should have known of the impact that pending legislation would have on the particular contract into which you’ve entered.

In the state of Texas, there is currently a piece of legislation awaiting the governor’s signature that pertains to the “assignment” related to transactions dealing with real estate. If the law is enacted, it is scheduled to take effect immediately upon the governor’s signature. Any assignments made in contravention to the law once it is enacted will be subject to various fines. However, contracts entered into prior to its passage would also require specific reporting of the transactions undertaken.

If you feel as though you’ve been harmed as a result of contractual language, you may have a legitimate legal claim against the individual with whom you entered into the contract. Naturally, you would need to seek competent legal advice with respect to this particular issue. However, if you do find that it this viable for you to pursue a claim against an individual with whom you entered into the contract, lawsuit loans and settlement loans should be considered to assist you throughout the process of litigation (e.g., cost of depositions, experts, etc.).

It will be vital for you to have a competent attorney to advise you in these issues. There will be several questions that will arise as to whether the individual with whom you entered into the contract either knew or should have known of the illegality of the act at the time the contract was entered. However, if the law has been passed prior to the date on which the contract is entered, irrespective of the individual’s knowledge of that law, the contract would be null and void. The real question will be whether the individual with whom you entered into the contract either knew or should have known of pending legislation likely to make the action illegal at the time that you entered into the contract.

Many individuals are unaware of the fact that contract law operates in a different universe. It operates under laws that attempt to create equitable arrangements between the parties involved in the contract. The purpose of these laws is primarily to see to it that each party is properly protected. Estoppel actions may also be undertaken to preclude further harm with respect to either enforcement or denial of privileges/actions identified under the terms of the contract.

Individuals who find themselves injured in some way as result of a contract that is now null and void, should consult with an attorney to see if there is a legitimate claim that may be raised against the individual with whom you entered into the contract. If you do, remember that lawsuit loans and settlement loans often prove tremendously helpful to such individuals.

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The New Jersey Zoning Officer’s Job


The Administrative Officer (known locally as the Zoning Officer) under the Municipal Land Use Law in New Jersey is the municipal official designated by local ordinance or statute with enforcing the provisions of the zoning ordinance. Due to proposed large scale development which many new Jersey municipalities will be faced with in the coming years, the Administrative Officer is a particularly vital and valued employee of the municipality. The key issues confronting many New Jersey municipalities are should our municipality grow; if so, how much and when? These are crucial questions. Municipalities need some local official to focus exclusively on these questions; an official whose ultimate responsibility is to assist the mayor and council in protecting and improving the quality of life in the community. The Administrative Officer’s primary duties should be to serve both the mayor and the council as an expert advisor in planning and development matters and as an operational coordinator of factual information relating to development proposals and their impact upon the community.

Possessed with knowledge of the provisions of the local planning and zoning ordinance and familiarity with the practices and procedures of the municipal boards, the administrative officer can prove to be very helpful to the mayor, council, and board members.

Among the varied duties specified in the Municipal Land Use Law, the Administrative Officer:

receives and reviews certain applications,

certifies subdivision approvals,

certifies statutory default approvals,

certifies prior non-conforming uses,

issues zoning permits,

provides lists of property owners,

receives notices of appeals or protest, and

serves as a depository for certain documents.

The Administrative Officer may also provide support to the municipality by causing building plans or premises to be inspected or examined, to order the remedying of violations and issue certain permits.

Because the Administrative Officer is often the first official an applicant for development comes in contact with, the Administrative Officer serves as a crucial liaison between the applicant, to whom direction and guidance are provided, municipal officials, with whom substantive and procedural knowledge – as well as foresight into proposed developments – are shared, and the municipality itself, whose best interests are the ultimate concern.

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California Attorney Fees

When can you recover attorney’s fees on a judgment, or when you attempt to recover a judgment? Only when the judgment or a court confirms that you can. What if the lawyer’s fees were not specifically granted on the judgment, however an award of the counselor’s fees was mentioned in your judgment?

One of many judgment articles: I am a Judgment Broker, not a lawyer, and this article is my opinion based on my experience, please consult with a lawyer if you need legal advice.

I am not an attorney, and my opinion is that since your judgment mentions the recovery of lawyer fees, and if the contract the lawsuit was based on, allows for the recovery of such fees and costs, or if there is a law specially authorizing the recovery of attorney fees; then you can include those costs on a memorandum of costs.

If, however, you have a judgment that awarded lawyer fees, however the lawsuit was not based on a contract that specified the post-judgment recovery of such fees; then I think you might need to win a noticed motion to add your lawyer fees to the judgment. In the rare event that such fees are predetermined by law, a noticed motion may not be necessary. Make sure you act before your judgment is fully satisfied.

In some courts, you can only add attorney’s fees, if they are added within 10 days of the judgment’s entry. Otherwise the creditor must file and serve a new lawsuit case for their lawyer fees and lawsuit costs.

In California, when it comes to including post-judgment lawyer fees on a MC-12 memorandum of costs, CCP 685.070 states what costs may be included on the MC-12 form.

CCP 685.070 (a) item 6 states that lawyers’ fees are permitted, if they are allowed by both CCPs 685.040 and 1033.5. If you have a judgment that awards such fees as per these two CCPs, then include your post-judgment lawyer fees on your memorandum of costs. The most relevant part of CCP 1033.5 states that such fees may be authorized by either contract or statute.

CCP 685.040 states: The judgment creditor is entitled to the reasonable and necessary costs of enforcing a judgment. Attorney’s fees incurred in enforcing a judgment are not included in costs collectible under this title unless otherwise provided by law. Attorney’s fees incurred in enforcing a judgment are included as costs collectible under this title if the underlying judgment includes an award of attorney’s fees to the judgment creditor pursuant to subparagraph (A) of paragraph (10) of subdivision (a) of Section 1033.5.

A case within an anti-slap motion that focuses on lawyer fees is: Lucky United Properties Inv., Inc. v. Lee, (2010) 185 Cal. App. 4th 125. Another relevant case is Jaffe v. Pacelli, 165 Cal. App.4th 927 (2008).

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The Narcotics Officer Career

Although depressing, it is important we remind ourselves of the dangers the drug trade brings. This allows us to look at the problem from an ‘eyes wide shut’ perspective. In other words, we can be mindful of the dangers when we are aware of them. Perhaps, we may even take the effective steps to make a positive difference. A career as a narcotics officer can help make such a difference.

The term “narcotics officer” can be a rather open one. There are many different types of narcotics officers that work in many different federal agencies. For those weighing their options for such a career, the best place to start would be to look towards the prime agencies that deal with narcotics crimes.

The most obvious agency would be the DEA since it solely deals with drugs as its primary investigative capacity. However, the FBI, ATF, and even the US Marshals will handle tasks associated with enforcing the drug laws. How they do so may be a little different.

The US Marshals may be involved with tracking down the fugitives that are on the run for drug crimes. The FBI could invest an enormous amount of time seeking to bring a federal indictment against a mob boss for operating a drug syndicate. Such an investigation could potential take years upon years. Such work is not for naught. Some of these lengthy investigations have brought down some of the most infamous organized crime figures in history.

The work performed by various narc officers can be highly involved and complicated. In some instances, an agent may spend a great time in the field performing arrests. Some officers might even go on deep undercover missions. Then, there are those that perform a tremendous amount of investigation work at their desk. And some might lay in wait for tips to help further investigations or launch arrests.

For many, the way in which you would launch your potential narcotics officer career would begin with acquiring the appropriate level of education. A High School diploma is a must. However, an advanced college degree is certainly helpful to further your hiring options.

What can your degree be in?

There is tremendous variety available in terms of the options you can explore. Degrees in law, criminal justice, and communications are commonly those most associated with this profession. Yet, there really is no definitive single degree that is a “must”. Those with degrees in such areas as diverse as language studies to physical education have landed careers as a narc officer.

While there are many different agencies that serve different purposes, it is wise to apply for as many different agencies as possible. Such narcotics officer positions are highly competitive and it is vital to keep as many employment options open as possible.

Ultimately, if you were to truly answer what a narcotics officer career entails, the answer would be that such a career entails keeping the public safe. No matter what agency you would work for and in what capacity you would serve, this would be the clear goal that is sought. As difficult as it may be!

Note: Please feel free to reprint or republish this article. The only requirement is that the links be live links.

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Towing Fairness For Citizens and Towing Professionals

Once again I am reading about a very familiar towing problem. People being towed are are complaining they are being towed illegally. It is very hard to prove that a citizen has been towed illegally. It is also very hard to appeal your towing violation and get your vehicle back without excessive fees.

There is an old saying ” an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” I think looking at what causes this discrepancy and finding ways to PREVENT it would throw things back into balance between citizens and towing contractors. Before we can prevent towing conflicts we need to look at some reasons they are occurring:

  • There are rogue towers who make the rest of us look bad by illegally towing cars
  • Many of the tow away zones are not clearly marked
  • There is no enforcement of laws limiting how much can be charged by the towing contractor

There are others, but I think the three listed above are a good starting point. Based on these reasons, I think there are some solutions which would be a good start in reducing the problem. The most obvious are the tow zones themselves.

Tow zones need to be marked in an obnoxious undeniable fashion with multiple signage and very bright paint. The city itself needs to have its maintenance department periodically check these to make sure the signs are there and the paint is not faded. On top of that there are going to have to be cameras watching the spot and documenting who is parking there with a timer

Likewise, the tower themselves should have to photograph the car in the illegal zone and the violation must be called in before it can be towed. This is cumbersome for both the tower and the police, but I don’t know what else to do to prevent fraud and guarantee equal protection under the law for its citizens

Another possibility after clearly marking the no tow zones, would be to return to some version of the dreaded boot system. Towers can put the boot on a vehicle if in illegal parked zones but must call in to the police to record that the vehicle has been there past a certain period. Once this authorization is given, the boot can be removed and the vehicle towed.

As much as police forces are overwhelmed with their current responsibilities, they are going to have to be more involved. Human nature is not perfect and people cheat. There has to be proof that a person broke the towing ordinance and the tower had the right to tow them. The police HAVE to be involved in the process to at least be aware of the authorization. They also have to make sure the fees are clearly posted at the tow zone and on the cities website. If the tow companies charge more, they are in violation and subject to fines.

The goal here is to make a level playing field for both the tow company and the citizen that is fair. If not your going to keep getting more of the same situation over and over. Eventually this could spiral out of control and could lead to violence or conflict situations between the towing company and the general public.

Written by Michael Saks

Towing, Trucking, and Car hauling Writer

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Source by Michael Saks

The Best Way To Select Appropriate Air Cargo Companies

The meaning associated with Air Cargo Companies is self explanatory. It's the additional benefits that the cargo transport service will offer you for their clients. Several companies have a large listing of services that provide, with respect to the kind of air travel. If your company accounts for moving people, after that their own service list will appear diverse from which of the organization involved with moving products.

Every organization chooses exactly what services to provide to it's clients. A few companies provide much more services compared to other companies. Services agreed to traveler air carriers range from luggage dealing with, solution confirmation, skycap, unaccompanied wheelchair services, small escorts, and much more. Services provided included in freight shipping services range from points for example, road feeder services in various international airports and airport terminal to away from the coast container depots, air freight clearance facilities, facilities to perishable cargo, as well as warehousing with regard to bonded and no bonded Air Cargo Companies.

An essential service with regard to Air Cargo Companies is also manage records. In the event that paperwork for this is not usually 100% within collection, after that points tend to be more likely to visit incorrect. A great organization may make sure that all of the paperwork for his or her cargo has been in consideration. The finest companies also give special consideration to documentation. These companies also have to have full knowledge of the cargo that what items are including in the shipment. This in not only for the rules and regulations of the Government but also it will help them to take better care of some important items. Items will be categorized regarding that nature. If items need much devotion and security, it is duty of the shipping company to give full security to it.

Using the elevated security needs required for this companies and also the globe generally because 2001, it's been difficult and much more expensive to deliver products through air. Storage containers may just be considered a particular dimension, pounds limitations will vary, just a lot of poisonous supplies could have been delivered on the airplane at the same time; it's amazing the number of new limitations the offers obtained since that time. With one of these more recent restrictions on Air Cargo Companies, it's much more essential than ever before to select a companies that provides dependable cargo service choices towards the customer, to who they're carrying cargo.

An essential service that the Air Cargo Companies have to provide the service associated with cargo monitoring. Having the ability to monitor the shipping, and understanding exactly where it's at any time is priceless towards the company or even organization that's shipping the products. Understanding what costs tend to be billed with regard to exactly what products can also be essential to select air transport. moreover, it is very essential to understand what products tend to be legal to deliver with air cargo and which should not. The cargo broker will often manage such problems when the company offers one used.

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Source by Brijesh Ghelani

Things to Consider Before Renting a Property

If in case you are unable to sell your house, it's a better option to lease it. Leasing will actually keep on getting some income from that investment. Although finding a good tenant can be a daunting task, but it can be easier if you know the basic things before renting your property. The article discusses the major things an owner shall know before renting the apartment.

Determine How Much Rent to Charge

Because renting is all about making money from invested property, the amount will be fixed properly. Knowing the current market value can be a great idea. You can go through newspapers, neighborhood rental signals, online resources, etc. to know the exact leasing value. Remember, it's really important to fix a reasonable leasing amount because incorrect or the excessive demand may not get you the right tenants. And, if in case you get them, they may not like to stay back in your property for long because of the incorrect leasing value.

Know thy Tenant

Although, renting to someone known like your friend or relative, gives you an assurance of their goodness, but most of the times it's difficult to enforce the leasing terms on them. So, it's better to find someone out of your circle to rent your house. Certainly, there is a risk in doing so, but that can be avoided if you screen your tenants properly.

• Know about their family background.
• Know the family size
• Get an idea of ​​the behavior from the previous residence.
• Inquire the occupation and the financial status of the tenants.
• Inquire if they do not have any credits pending.
• Check for the criminal record.
• Find if they can be relied on.

Know the Laws

Being an owner, it's not necessary that you can lease it the way you want. You certainly need to know the laws in order to make the deal efficiently. So, you can consult a certified agent or an accountant to know about the housing laws. Because the professionals know even the minor laws related to leasing a property.
Additionally, make it a point to not to involve in the verbal or the informal agreements. It can put you in a trouble. And, doing such informal thing may not let you impose the leasing terms on your tenants.

Get Your Property Insured

It is extremely important to get the insurance done. Keep in mind that there is a different insurance policy for the owners and for the renters. However, a rental insurance deal will include legal costs, house structures, damages, your belongings, tenant's belongings, a list of needed repairs, etc. This policy actually protects you from paying off large amounts, if any unexpected thing happens.

Occasionally, renting an apartment is a responsible task. An owner must know the basic and the important things that would be considered before renting an apartment in order to avoid any misfortunes in the future.

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Source by Chandni Naresh Wadhwani

What Are the Factors Influencing Link Building in 2018?

Link building has always been an integral part of search engine algorithms and continues to be so. Even though their importance has risen and declined as varied versions of Google’s algorithm were enforced, they have always played a vital part in prominent link placement and ranking.

However, all links are not equally valued. The Internet is filled with low-value, non-pertinent and spam links that can quickly devalue your page in Google search. For getting the desired results, you need to steer clear of such links.

To promote and increase awareness of your brand in 2018, take a look below at some of the factors influencing link building for SEO.

Guest posting

Guest posting is one of the most helpful techniques that you can implement in order to generate backlinks and acquire traffic on your website. However, you need to make sure that the guest posting websites are of the same or related to your niche.

As you post your content on an authority website, there is a high chance of your post being featured on some of the most popular blogs across the Internet. This means that your post will reach out to a lot of people and your website will gain more traffic. Moreover, guest posting websites usually promote the content on various social networking sites, which means that your post will automatically gain social engagement.

Featuring on popular blogs will help to enhance your credibility and once your link outreach becomes significant, you will be able to approach more blogs with confidence.

Content continues to be the ‘King’

You will only be able to gain backlinks for your website if you give people a reason to link to you. Creating top-notch quality content is a terrific place to start. The genuine value of your blog posts and articles will be proved when you start to receiving organic backlinks from other websites.

Google’s algorithm is so advanced that it can even detect the quality of your content. So, your concentration should not just be on crafting long posts, but to ensure that it makes sense, contains information and is interesting to read. Avoid keyword stuffing and filler content as that will lead to Google lowering your rankings.

Broken link building

Broken link building is one of the tactics used by most link building services for SEO providers because it often yields great results. Broken link happens when a page links to resources that are not available anymore. Since this can lead to generating a negative user experience, webmasters are always on the lookout for ways to fix broken links.

All you have to do is find a website that fits your niche and has one or more broken links. Once you have found such a website/websites, you need to get in touch with the webmaster of the website to inform that the links are not working and also to request linking to your site in return. Since the process is quite time-consuming, the best solution will be to let a professional agency handle it.


For getting the best response from any search engine’s algorithm, it is important that you only link to websites that are relevant to your niche. Only the backlinks that come from trusted websites in your niche show that your content is relevant and reliable in the eyes of the search giant, Google. Once you have gained enough backlinks from well-known sites, Google will begin to consider you as an authority in your niche or on the subject. Avoid spammy links at all cost.

Gaining credible backlinks can help you achieve higher rankings in search engine results pages. Link building is not going away anytime soon and without it, you will not be able to achieve the desired results from your SEO campaign. Talk to professionals today to implement link building as a part of your SEO efforts.

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Source by Chris Walker