Best Online Brokers

There are brokers and then there are great brokers. And if you really want to gain some respectable grounds in this business venture, you need to find yourself some of the best professionals to work with you. The most preferred choice is always finding a broker from an established brick and mortar business. Not only would you know first hand whether or not the business is legit, but you can also pick and choose from their roster of talents as well. Unfortunately, not all of us have access to such brokerage companies. In fact, there are now growing numbers of traders trying to find trading professionals online.

The first step to take when trying to finding the best online brokers is to weed out the scammers from the legal professionals. Once you have a list of legitimate practitioners, you can slowly pluck out those with less desirable working habits and experiences. Then you can concentrate more on finding brokers who are at the top of their game. Here are some other things to consider:

1. Make sure that you can communicate easily with your potential brokers. The norm these days is that virtual brokers and virtual brokerage companies use their websites as the platform for communication. However, this is a very easy setup to do and there are also multiple scam sites up and running. Try visiting the broker's or the company's websites at different times of the day, particularly during the actual trading period (between 9 am to 4 pm Eastern Time) and see how fast their pages load. Very slow sites are not at all advisable to patronize.

Click on all the links of each and every website to see if all of these links work. Needless to say, any site that offers brokerage services with one or more pages "under construction" is always a bad sign. At the same time, you might also be redirected to other non-relevant sites, or be asked for personal information and credit details before you are allowed access to their links. Both of which are sure signs that you are facing credit information capturing sites.

Legitimate sites will also get back at you quickly if you send them a query via e-mail. However, the mark of true professionals is when they provide you enough contact information on their website like their business' addresses, landline or mobile numbers, fax numbers and the lot.

2. These alternative forms of communication are also great ways of gauging the versatility and flexibility of the broker or brokerage companies. Try to see if they offer other means of placing trades like fax ordering, touch tone telephone trades or even directly talking to the brokers.

3. Many legitimate online brokers and brokerage companies advertise their backgrounds in order to gain more business. It would be safe to say that brokers who do not post such information can be considered as fakes. It would also not do to hire virtual brokers who may be legit, but may have never handled any accounts before. Since the backgrounds of the legal professionals are posted, it would be fairly easy to check up on each and every claim.

Pay careful attention to accreditation, awards and affiliations. The best online brokers would only have one certification merit but may have multiple awards and affiliations.

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Source by Jeff C Daniels

A Strategy for Effective Liability Insurance Comparison

When you can select from many different liability insurance policies for your business, you have the best chances of finding the most useful and affordable one. The problem is that the comparison of quotes can be quite difficult and time-consuming, especially for a person without experience. Beside, if you make a mistake, you can end up with a less than favorable policy. Here is a simple strategy which you can use to choose the right cover easily and quickly.

Get everything in order.

You should use a spreadsheet to make the liability insurance comparison easy and effective. Reserve a row for each quote and place the main comparison criteria in separate columns. You should have columns for benefits, exclusions, cover amount, cost and company. You can add extra ones if you deem fit.

Check the benefits.

The typical business liability insurance should include product or professional cover and third party liability cover. It is up to you to decide whether you will need extensions such as coverage for loss of documents, breach of confidentiality and defamation. You should look carefully into the operations of your business to evaluate each and every cover benefit.

Watch out for exclusions.

The standard policies do not include pollution and employer liability cover. Other exclusions may apply as well. They may not be explicitly stated in the policy agreement, however. That is why you should make an extra effort to identify them. An expert can help you with this. Keep in mind that the exclusions reduce the comprehensiveness and usefulness of the cover.

Does the cover amount match your needs?

You have to ensure that the cover amount will be sufficient for you given the size, revenue and net worth of your business. In general, you should have calculated the optimum amount for you in advance. You should ensure that the amount mentioned in the quote does not include the legal assistance and defense costs.

Run a simple cost-benefit analysis.

It is a mistake to go for the cheapest liability insurance policy straight away since it will most likely leave you underinsured. The best tactic is to identify the policy which brings the highest value for money. For this, you need to calculate how much cover you will get for each dollar spent. The larger it is the more cost-effective the policy is.

Compare insurers as well.

You need to compare insurers based on their customer service and more specifically on their claim processing service. The other factor is the financial stability of the company. There are independent financial ratios for this. You have to compare the legal teams which will defend you in case of a claim against you.

You should not hesitate to use expert assistance with liability insurance comparison.

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Source by Celine Potrov

Top Tips On Why And How To Improve Your Customer Care Service

The 6 important reasons why you need to keep your existing customers.

1. You spend a lot of time and money attracting customers to your business initially. They have shown the need, desire and funds required to become potential long-term customers. If you do not take proper care of these customers and serve them well, you will lose them to your competitors. Remember customers are your greatest asset and without them you would have no business.

2. The advanced technology of the internet and social media has created a tightly knit, well connected new world:

– in this well connected world, customer care / service has become the new marketing.

– did you know that an unhappy customer used to tell, on average, 9 people about their dissatisfaction?

– with social media, they can now tell 9 million people! Just think of how the message spread during the Arab Spring.

– therefore one critical comment can damage the image of your business very easily and easily.

3. Customer expectation of good service is increasing all the time as it becomes easier and easier for them to research, for example on the internet, and to move from one supplier to another. For you, this means increasing competition.

4. No matter how many new customers you attract, if the number leaving you is greater than the new number you attract, you will always run out of business. It's just like a bucket with holes-even if you pour more water in, if the amount draining out is greater, you will very soon have an empty bucket.

5. Remember that your competitors are watching what you are doing and they will do everything possible to steal your customers. So you need to maintain your customers' trust, confidence and loyalty at all times.

6. It is a well known fact among business owners that it is easier and cheaper to keep their existing customers than to attract new ones, provided that they take care to maintain the customers' trust, confidence and loyalty.

So what can you do to keep your customers?

5 Winning Ways to Woo (and Wow) Your Customers!

1. Be conscious at all times that you have two distinct sets of customers: the first set is your internal customers, that is your staff or employees, the second set is your external customers, people who buy your products or services.

2. Value all your customers, internal and external, by:

– communicating with them regularly to understand them

– listening to their suggestions

– getting feedback from them

– putting their valid suggestions into practice

– making them feel appreciated and valued.

You do all the above to create in your customers the sense of pride, goodwill, belonging and loyalty so that they will want to remain with you.

3. Design activities especially geared towards customer satisfaction. Brain storming among your team should provide plenty of ideas. Each activity needs to have a stated goal, measures for attaining that goal, continued monitoring to identify deviations from your goal and corrective actions to improve the results.

4. Create a corporate culture of passion to secure customers, incorporating many factors, such as:

– knowledge of all aspects of your business.

– training of your employees before introducing new products or marketing any policy changes.

– creating the right work environment.

– creating the right recruitment process.

– reviewing the root cause of every negative comment.

– making sure that the culture extends across the entire business by providing the necessary training.

– analyzing your customer service with the aim of a comprehensive view of all customer interactions.

– ensuring that you and all your service providers are good listeners able to identify and anticipate customers' needs and problems.

– helping customers understand your system.

– proactively seeking regular feedback from customers in order to improve your service. Encourage and welcome their suggestions.

– dealing with problems immediately and letting customers know what you have done.

– giving customers more than they expect and enjoying doing that!

5. Create an easy to use website. Your site should emphasize self-service and must provide easy access to Contact Information. Features you need to include to ensure that customers can use it easily are:

– a frequently asked (FAQ) page to address the most common questions. This should be updated regularly.

– a searchable knowledge base of all customer questions to address the needs of all your customers.

– an automatic knowledge base that answers customer questions sent by email to your Customer Service or Support Team.

The conclusion I want to draw out from everything I have covered in this article is that Customer Care Service really is the new marketing. The success or failure of any business now is dependent on the quality of the Customer Care Service they provide. You can not stop improving your service. No matter how good your service is, there is always room for improvement. I like the advice I heard recently, "You do not have to be ill to get better!"

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Source by Abbas R Baba

Basic Information About Tax Lawyers

There are plenty of lawyers out there who have their own specializations. Most of the most popular specialized lawyers include the divorce lawyers, the real estate attorneys, the criminal lawyers, and the tax lawyers. The services of tax attorneys are constantly bought out all over the United States and are retained all year round, with their services needed mostly before or on about April 15 which is tax time.

During tax time, most Americans struggle to get their books and documents completed and tax forms filed on time. The auditing process is usually very stressful tasks that even attorneys or accountants make minor mistakes every now and then no matter how careful they may be. Because of all this cramming, many mistakes are made, which sends out a signal to the Internal Revenue Service or the IRS.

When the IRS notices an error or discrepancy in the tax return, they usually order an audit. Many IRS audits show whether the mistakes were unintentional, a scam, or simply an oversight. Whatever the reason may be, securing the services of a tax lawyer will be helpful. Should you be found guilty for filing a false return, the lawyer will be able to help defend your case. Should you be imposed with a hefty penalty, the tax lawyer will be able to less the liability and may help you pay less than what was originally imposed.

Finding the right tax lawyer in your locality is easy, but finding the right one is not. Be sure that the one you want to choose specializes in taxation. It will also be very beneficial if the lawyer is also an accountant because he will not only be able to represent you and defend you before the IRS proceedings, and in tax court, but he also has a grasp of the intricacies of the auditing and accounting procedures that are employed during the IRS auditing process. Ask around for recommendations. Friends with small businesses may have retained a tax lawyer. Check the local lawyer's association and ask for a list of lawyers practicing taxation in your locality. You can even ask a regular lawyer who might know some practicing in this field.

Do remember, however, that securing the services of a tax lawyer will not always guarantee a win. The tax lawyer's job is to comply and act within the standards set by the IRS. He will do his best to defend your case and probably lower or lessen your liability, but he will still be bound by the law.

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Source by Elija James

Starting Out in Forex Trading

The foreign-exchange ("forex" or "FX") market is the place where currencies are traded. The forex market is the largest, most liquid market in the world with an average traded value that exceeds $ 1.8 trillion per day.

The forex market is open 24 hours a day, five days a week, with courses being traded worldwide among the major financial centers of London, New York, Tokyo, Zurich, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Singapore, Paris and Sydney – spanning most time zones . There is no central market for currency exchange. Trade is conducted over-the-counter.

The forex has been the domain of government central banks, as well as commercial and investment banks. It has also been used for hedge funds by large international corporations. The rules were revised during the 1980s to allow smaller investors to participate using margin accounts. It is because of these margin accounts that forex trading has become so popular. When you consider that a 100: 1 margin account allows you to control $ 100,000 of currency for just $ 1000, this has created an excellent opportunity for making a great deal of money. Of course, such leverage is also a recipe for losing a great deal if you are not properly prepared. Naturally this course is designed to help you become prepared.

FOREX traders usually require a broker to handle transactions. Most brokers are reputable and are associated with large financial institutions such as banks.

Like anything else, you should shop around for the best bang for the buck when looking for a broker. Here are some things you should look for when considering a broker:

A Respectable Quality Institution – Forex brokers are usually associated with lending institutions or large banks. The reason for this is that such institutions have the large amount of capital needed in order to provide the leakage needed. Look for brokers that are registered with the Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) and regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). This information should be provided on the broker's webpage or its parent company page.

Lowest Spreads – Forex brokers do not charge a commission such as Futures brokers do. They make their money from the spread, which is calculated in "pips". The difference between what you can buy the currency for and what you can sell it for is the spread. PIP stands for Price Interest Point. It is the increase in which the currency pair will trade. For example, if you buy the EUR / USD for 1.2015 and it goes up to 1.2016, it has gone up 1 pip. When looking for a forex broker, find one that offers you the lowest spread for the currency pairs you plan on trading.

Types of Accounts – No two traders are alike. Some have a vast amount of money while others have smaller accounts in which to trade. Look for a forex broker that provides you with some account choices. For example, traders with small accounts or just learning how to trade in the forex should look for what many brokers call the "Mini Account". This type of account requires a small minimum to open, say, $ 250. This account allows for a high amount of leverage that you will need in order to trade with so little amount of money. In such an account, you can trade with a $ 1 pip, as opposed to $ 10 or higher pip value. Standard accounts have higher minimum balance requirements and allow for trading at different leverages. Read carefully the different types of accounts being offered.

Available Leverages – Leverage is important in forex because the price deviations (how you make your money) are merely fractions of a cent. Leverage is the ratio between the capital that is available and actual capital. The leverage depends on what the broker is willing to lend you. For instance, 100: 1 ratio means that for every 1 dollar of your money (actual capital) the broker will lend you $ 100 (available capital). Some brokers offer 250: 1 and even 300: 1 ratios. The higher the ratio, the more leverage (bang for the buck) you will have. Keep in mind that a high ratio not only gives you more bang for your dollar but it also increases your risk of a margin call. Lower ratio will lower your risk of a margin call, but it will also lower the power of your dollar.

Extra Goodies (Tools, Research) – To get your business brokers provide various free tools and information resources to their customers. You will want to find a broker that will provide you with free real-time price charts as well as an excellent online trading platform. One very popular platform and the one I currently use is FX Trading Station. But shop around and see what is being offered.

The best thing you can do is to ask around on various trading forums where forex traders haunt. This is because there does not exist any blacklist for those brokers that may commit acts of sniping or hunting, which is primarily buying or selling near preset price points in order to increase profits. Also, make sure that they are happy with the broker's margin rules. Some may be too strict and get you out when the market moves against you despite you still have enough capital to hold the position. The position may turn out in your favor had you not been exited by the broker. This can be costly. So ask around!

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Source by Rick Ratchford

Positive Investment and the Risk Management Future

Some investors believed that from the period of 1982-2000 it was their "right" to earn 10% every single year in their investment portfolios without any identifiable risk. After the 2001-2003 bear market that mentality returned. People have short memories and suffered again in the period of October 2007-March 2009. Risk shown up at our doorstep and caught everyone by surprise. Warren Buffett, George Bush and many others were on that list. Everyone is concerned about risk now. The question in the era of "the new normal" is to how invest wisely taking risk into regard.

Asset Allocation: Everyone has heard about it but who practices it? A strict model forces one to by when everyone is selling and sell when everyone is buying. Once or twice a year at the most is the time frame to review a portfolio. A change in one's life, be it personal, emotional, or financial are valid reasons to adjust the portfolio. But it is not enough to blindly follow a rigid formula. We incorporate our macro views to identify the markets that call for the highest concentration (and likewise the lowest). The same can be said for the fixed income world, which comes in many different flavors.

An Investment Policy Statement is essential in addressing an Asset Allocation Program. That is because we will have the information to help clients allocate to strategies that address our three legged stool of successful investing, need for capital appreciation, risk tolerance level, and liquidity issues. A lack of such a policy can take a client in a direction that he / she may dispute in the future. Whether he / she should have a conservative, moderate, or aggressive portfolio, all parties concerned should be in agreement at the beginning and through the relationship.

Listed Options: Options can be used to increase income with a number of strategies. One such strategy is the "collar". The motivation behind this strategy can be for one of two reasons. The first is to take a limited risk with limited upside potential on a stock that you wish to buy. The second reason is to manage a position that may be very large for your portfolio or one that carries a very low cost basis that hopefully can avoid being sold.

Let's take a look at a sample trade. IBM currently is trading at $ 155.00. One can sell a February 155 call that will expire in 30 days for a price of $ 2.50. The downside protection is to purchase a February 150 put for $ 1.25. At expiration if the stock closes at 155 or above the investor will be "exercised" and out of the position at $ 156.25. I took the $ 1.25 credit that came from the two option transactions and added that number to $ 155. This equates to a 10% annualized return. On the downside the "break even" point is $ 153.75. The risk is limited to $ 150.00. Ideally the risk should equal reward, but this example is just for illustrative purposes.

Due to the current bear market many investors are underfunded. Institutional and individual investors need to squeeze everything they can out of their capitals to make up for poor performance, but must be vigilant about not taking on to much risk. Asset Allocation, an Investment Policy Statement and viable options strategies are the cornerstone for providing the potential for a positive investment and risk management future.

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Source by Daniel B Stern

Online Forex Trading – Choosing A Forex Broker

One of the most critical decisions in trading the forex market is choosing the right broker for you. This can make the difference between success and failure in trading the Forex market. There are a number of factors to be considered when choosing a forex broker.

1) Regulation – Safety of Funds

Are the client funds insured and to what extent of that insurance. Many online brokers operate under tight regulatory environments imposed by regulatory authorities of countries in which brokers are licensed in. Some countries forex trading regulation is more stringent than some other countries especially off shore countries. Countries such as Australia, Canada, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States have dedicated monitoring of forex brokers. Always check to verify which regulatory authority the broker is regulated by. If you can not find the information on their web site make sure you contact them before by signing up to trade with them. If the broker is not regulated by any regulatory authority or licensed by a reputable authority then I would recommend you find another online broker.

2) Execution of Trade

Find out what a prospective forex broker exercises in the way of business models. For example, are they more of an electronic communication network or market maker? Does the broker offer automatic execution for trades? If not, how fast is order execution on average? Do they offset client trades? How much can you trade without requesting a quote? These are all good questions to ask a prospective broker.

3) Trading Platform

Is the trading platform downloadable or web based? And can handle high volume during a fast moving market. Although a given platform may run well on normal days, you're not going to know for sure how it performs on fast days until you see it in action. Does it offer important order types such as Limit and stop orders as well OCO orders. Also how many currency pairs you can trade and what other services does the platform provide. As a minimum it should offer charts and breaking news that affects the currency markets as well as a demo account to get the feel of the trading platform before trading live.

4) Account Size

Some brokers have minimum account trade size that you have to trade and also some brokers will not allow you to adjust the standard lot traded. Also some have mini and standard accounts in which to trade and require a minimum account opening balance to trade.

5) Spread

Forex brokers make their money from the spread. In forex trading, the tighter the spread is, the better. However it is important to find out whether the broker spread is fixed or variable. A fixed spread means the spread does not fluctuate and is the same day or night. Some brokers use a variable spread, which may seem narrow and tight while the market is quiet, but when things get volatile they can widen the spread which requires the market to move greater in your favor before you start to make a profit. I prefer fixed spreads, although slightly larger than the variable spreads, when things get volatile they can be narrower than the variable spread. Over the long term they can be safer.

6) Commissions

Does the broker charge missions or are they built into the spread as with most market makers?

7) Margin

Find out what your broker's margin requirement is. Some brokers have different margin requirement for standard and mini accounts? Also does the margin requirement change for different currency groups or days of the week?

8) Support

As forex trades 24 hours a day it is important to find out what kind of support the broker offers. Do they offer phone support 24 hours a day or just email support. The broker should be offering 24 hours support and also able to provide orders over the phone just in case you lose internet connection at a critical time.


Comparing online brokers on these factors will help you make the right decision when choosing a broker for you. With the power and speed of the internet today, it is not hard to choose the right broker for you. When you have found the right one try them out by using their demo account before signing up with them.

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Source by John Cas

Copyright Terms – What Is the Legal Definition of a License Agreement?

Copyright of specific works and the ideal of Intellectual Property are two subjects, especially in our highly technological Internet age with ease of communication, theft and fraud, which are constantly under debt. The discussion on how to protect the rights of an artistic or literary creator from those who would steal works, give them out as their own, or simply market them for profit, has been raging since long before the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works was first penned and accepted in 1885 / 1886. The Berne Convention consist of various clauses which define who is entitled to copyright protection, over which term this copyright provision applies and how copyright protection for literary and artistic works is to be handled in countries which have different laws. The Berne Convention was originally ratified in Berne, Switzerland in December 1887 but has undergone many and varied changes over the ensuing years, with the latest version coming into force in 1988. It has also been complemented by the World Intellectual Property Organization Copyright Treaty, covering information technology and the Internet, in 1988.

Copyright is automatically assigned to the creator of a work regardless of whether this work is registered with a national or international copyright authority or agency and applications from the moment of creation. It may be assigned for a specified length of time, permanently sold with all rights and privileges and inherit, this last when royalties for reproduction of a work are paid. It may apply to individuals or companies which take over a work for reproduction or are assigned administrative powers, but is completely separate from patent and trade mark laws.

The Copyright License Agreement is a contractual agreement between two parties over the use of a work for a limited or defined length of time. It does not apply just to a completed work, but may also be agreed upon for a work being planned or which is in the process of completion. The Agreement permits a copyright holder to specify who has the rights to market his or her work, once it is completed, for a specific period after which the copyright reverts back to the original holder. It is possible to make separate Agreements for different countries around the world and, in some cases, for different uses. A work of art, for example, may be licensed to a greetings card manufacturer and, at the same time, to a manufacturer of chocolate products as decoration for the packaging.

A Copyright License Agreement is not to be confused with Copyright Assignment. Here the copyright holder assigns the rights for use and marketing to a third party, to a company or agent in return for royalties or a set sum in financial recompense.

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Source by Viktoria Michaelis

Property Claims Adjuster – What They Do

This professional is the one that processes insurance claims to determine whether the one insured is entitled or not to a payout. Many property claims adjusters work for insurance companies and they will be the ones that investigate claims that are related to homes, businesses, vehicles, and other insured properties. To begin the process the adjuster will speak to the one filing the claim to determine the cause of the damage. When there has been a legitimate insurance claim filed the adjuster then has to calculate the cost of replacement or repair of the property that has been damaged.

There are not many college courses that are designed specifically for those that want to enter this field. When an insurance company recruits a new property claims adjuster they will generally look for individuals that have prior experience working in the insurance industry or has a legal work background. The work hours are often irregular. One example of the reason why this is so is that if there is an accident they must investigate it could occur at any hour of the day or night.

In an insurance agency they are referred to as a staff adjuster. They will interview the one that filed the claim along with any witnesses in order to find out the cause of the damage. The adjuster may also obtain a police report to help verify the claim if a report was filed. For injury claims they may also request medical records to validate the claim. Another responsibility for the property claims adjuster has is to establish whether the insurance has a responsibility to pay the claim. After the investigation is complete the adjuster will negotiate with the claimant until both sides reached a satisfactory settlement.

Some property claims adjuster also work independently on a contract basis for insurance companies but are considered self-employed. Many times an insurance company does not need the services of the adjuster on a full time basis so they will hire one as needed. It is less expensive to hire them as needed. When self-employed the adjuster will defend the interests of the party that hires them. They generally will work for several clients over an extended period of time.

If you are an individual or business you can hire an independent property claims adjuster to help represent their case to their insurance company. Those that are self-employed will do the same job as those employed by an insurance agency but the one difference is they look for evidence that supports the claimant, which is the one that hired them. It is their job to prove the claim and not disprove it. The independent adjuster generally gets a percentage of the insurance settlement.

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Source by Lora Davis

Before Making A Money Transfer Know What The Restrictions Are

Sending money abroad is not as complicated as it was a few decades ago but you should be aware that many Governments worldwide impose restrictions on foreign exchange payments and on possession of foreign currency. These restrictions can apply to local residents or non-residents alike and knowing the local legislation will help you avoid unnecessary complications. Of course, it is hard to be acquainted with the local laws and regulations in detail; therefore, taking a good advice from an expert specializing in money transfers is more than advisable.

Various forms of foreign exchange controls exist but you do not have to know all the details of a particular foreign exchange territory. The important details related to money transfers include: whether a restriction on the amount of currency that is transacted is in force and is there a restriction on who can conduct foreign currency exchange transactions (in some countries only state or government-approved companies can be engaged in the exchange of foreign currency). A stricter form of a foreign exchange control can impose restrictions on the use of possession of foreign currency.

If your money transfer is to be processed by a state-controlled foreign exchange dealer, there is a greater chance to get an unfavourable exchange rate or to be subject to additional fees and commissions. A form of a special currency time is the currency board but the existence of such a monetary authority protects and supports the local currency so it is in advantage to a foreign currency sender in general.

At this stage you must turn to a reputable money transfer specialist who is familiar with the local specifics of the beneficiary's country. Unfortunately, the number of countries where strict exchange controls are in force is constantly changing in the process of globalization and economic liberalization.

Some major countries, which still exercise some kind of foreign exchange controls, include Argentina, Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Malaysia, Morocco, Nigeria, Tunisia and Venezuela. However, this list is large incomplete and you will need to delve into the specific type of foreign currency regime in force for that particular country. Your money transfer expert will provide you with a more populated list of countries and will be able to explain to you all the details related to a certain country.

A complicated situation can occur when a country allows only "reasonable" foreign currency transactions to be connected. "Reasonable" is a flexible term and unless explicitly specified it will be up to a government official or a designated state body to decide what amount of foreign currency money is a "reasonable" sum. Although only a few countries imposes such a restrictive foreign currency regimes, they still exist and you must consider it before sending funds to such a country. Growing number of world governments liberalise foreign currency exchange regulations but taking an expert advice will help you familiarize with all applicable regulations.

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