Why Hire a Security Consultant

I have often been asked, "Why should I hire a security consultant to tell me what security measures my business needs?" I guess the biggest reason is if you know little to nothing about security, then you need to hire someone that does not know the ins and outs to get the most benefit!

There is a lot more than just looking at your doors, windows and locks or alarm systems to figuring out what security measures are need to protect your entire business. The main goal is to look at all your liabilities on security issues and reduce or eliminate them. This saves you time and money in the long run and keeps you out of a possible court situation in the future.

To this end, you need to do a physical site security survey. This will identify the most pressing of your security issues that can get you in trouble. By looking at the entire company, those issues can be identified, measures to protect you implemented and your liabilities reduced!

There are measures that only need to have policies and procedures changed or implemented that will reduce your liabilities. There are other measures that you will need to put in place to protect your hiring process that can save you from a lawsuit. Then there may be other measures that contain a security presence on site or after hours that will protect you.

The thing with competent security consultants is, they know what to look for when identifying security issues and they know how to deal with them with cost effective reductions / eliminations. They know what does and does not work for a variety of business types and your particular area of ​​location.

Security measures do not mean that it has to be a major expense outlay every time. But, it can come to a major expense if you do not have the proper security measures and wind up in a court situation being sued for that reason. You may have insurance to cover it and they may not cover you if found negligent.

Then there is the bad public, the court time, the lawyers fees and on and on. You can see it can be very traumatic for a business owner! Especially if you lose the case and very expensive too!

So it makes sense to use a security consultant to get the best benefits you can, think of the expense as an investment for the future. It will keep you out of court, it could save you on your insurance, it will keep you out of the bad publicity limelight and it will give you a piece of mind.

It is better to be prepared and not need it than to not be prepared and need it. This is true for any type of business! Stop looking at security as just an expense and look at it for what it is, an investment to protect your future!

Consultants can help you with the following issues:

Ø Negligent Hiring / Retention
Ø Premises Liability
Ø Negligent Security
Ø Hiring Contract Security Services
Ø Physical Site Security Surveys
Ø Business Espionage
Ø Fraud and Internal Thefts
Ø Disaster recovery
Ø Risk Analysis

There are many ways a consultant can protect your business. You are looking at reducing your responsibilities and protecting your self, employees, assets and the facility you have. After all you have worked for a while to get where you are, would it not be silly to lose it all because you thought it was an unnecessary expense?

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"Why Hire a Security Consultant"
© 2004 By Gary L. Cunningham, CPO
C & M Consulting Services

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What to Do in Real Estate Investment

There are many decisions that must be done if you want to engage in a Siesta Key real estate investment. However, you should remember that your decisions would be right if you have facts that can support your decisions. So, you should know how the Siesta key market works if you want to enter this kind of business.

What you can do would be to engage in research, so that you would know more about Siesta Key real estate. You will already know how the market works, the other factors that can affect the properties and their prices and other essential things connected to this business. You will also have to know the people as they may help you in the business especially in selling the properties. With the result of your research, you will have a broder knowledge about the market so you will also know how you will be able to approach them. This means that your strategies can be more successful and you will also know the proper approach to this kind of market.

You should get as much information that you can have. There are many factors that can affect the Siesta Key real estate so you must be familiar with them. You will also have to remember that you need to know these characteristics so that you can control your actions and make it lined with the market's needs. It is necessary that you know the people and their needs. You will be catering to them so it would be helpful if you know what you are getting into. You can only be successful if you can get the needs of the people. More individuals would get you into deals if you have something to offer to them. Thus, their needs would be where you should enter and make them see that there is a need for them to purchase what you are selling them.

Thus, when you are already in the business, you will be able to make better decisions since you already know what the market wants and how it responds to possible actions. The information that you now have about Siesta Key real estate properties would help you get to the right decisions. Not all properties are profitable so you should know which one would make you and which would not. You can make these decisions if you already know what your choices are. Thus, you should only select the best possible option that you can have if you want to maximize your profit.

There can be varying potentials for different properties but you should also remember that you will only know these potentials if you know more about it. The Siesta Key real estate market also changes so it would be important that you are sensitive to the possible changes. This would help you get the proper decisions.

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Investments in Precious Metals: The Form and Methods That Allow You to Receive Passive Income

Gold, platinum, palladium and silver are considered elite and are the most popular and liquid for investing funds. Precious metals are the object of investment – the most well-known way of investing. Their “noble” name they received due to the sophistication of the appearance of products and high chemical resistance.

It is generally believed that investing in these metals is the purchase of jewelry. In fact, a developed market economy assumes other, more profitable methods to invest money profitably.

Investing in valuable metals – how to make a profit

The traditional way to invest money experts believe the acquisition of gold bars, and the birth of “gold” investors in the expensive metals market is directly related to the historical facts of the appearance of valuable metals in the system of commodity-money relations.

To date, gold bullion is being invested not only by large banks but also by brokerage firms and individual investors. However, this approach requires fairly large primary capital, which makes it inaccessible to small and medium-sized income people.

Due to the quite acceptable cost, coin coins are considered a worthy alternative to this way of increasing investment returns. Pay attention, such coins have the opportunity to buy and sell at any time, which is an extra reason, saying the advantage and success of such investments. In addition, in many countries, investors who decide to invest in coins do not have to pay tax, which will significantly increase the return on investment.

Although collections of coins are the most resistant to changes in the market price of an asset, experts recommend considering investments as futures and options. Such financial instruments of commodity and options exchanges with a professional approach allow you to invest money in precious metals at the most optimal price of the market and thereby get a guaranteed profitability.

One of the most popular forms of investing in high-priced metals today is the purchase of securities secured by gold. This way of investment has undoubted advantages, among which there is a lack of any commissions accompanying the acquisition of real gold. This form of investment in valuable metals is a modern method of multiplying our funds by using the Internet system.

To another popular modern type of investment is the discovery of the so-called metal account. In this case, it is envisaged to open an account of responsible storage, in which ingots of costly metals are in banks. In this case, the investment is a part of the metal from a unified and impersonal account, which the bank sells at a market price.

To date, the domestic investment market distinguishes the following most popular investment methods:

• Gold ingots

• Gold coins

• Acquisition of Gold securities

• Metallic account

Investing in high-priced metals refers to long-term ways of increasing capital. However, it should not be forgotten that there are periods of long stagnation and a short-term upsurge in the market, which for the literate investor is the starting point of investing funds or making a profit.

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Self-Employed Tax Questions: What Tax Forms Are Needed For the Self-Employed?

Are you a newly self-employed and need to know what tax forms you must file on your income tax return? Read on to find out.

By “self-employed”, I am referring to a person who is compensated for selling goods and/or services as an independent contractor or freelancer. I am not referring to an employee who receives a Form W-2 at the end of the year from his/her employer.

Another common term used for the self-employed person is “sole proprietor”. And since you are a sole proprietor, there are specific tax forms that you must include as part of your personal income tax return. Here they are:

Schedule C. Profit or Loss From Business (Sole Proprietorship). This is where you begin. This form is used to report income received (aka “sales” or “revenue”) and expenses incurred (aka “business deductions”) in the course of operating your small business or self-employment activity. There is also a scaled down version of Schedule C for very small businesses – it’s called Schedule C-EZ.

Form Schedule SE. Self-Employment Tax. This is used to calculate the self-employment tax, which is your version of the Social Security and Medicare taxes paid by employees.

Form 4562. Depreciation and Amortization. This is for reporting depreciation expense, the Section 179 deduction, and amortization expense. These expenses are related to the purchase of business assets such as office equipment and furniture, machinery, vehicles, buildings and intangible assets such as goodwill.

Form 8829. Expenses for Business Use of Your Home. This is for calculating the infamous home office deduction. Many self-employed people have been reluctant to take this deduction for fear that it increases the odds of an IRS audit. I say if you can take it, take it!

Form 1040-ES. Estimated Tax for Individuals. This is not actually part of your Form 1040, but you will use this form to make quarterly estimated tax payments during the year (assuming your business is profitable). Since our tax system is based on the concept of “pay as you go”, you should not wait until the end of the year to pay your income tax and/or self-employment tax all at once.

There are other forms that may or may not be required, depending on your particular situation. But this list is enough to get you started, as these are the most commonly used forms for the typical self-employed person. Many dollar amounts are transferred from one form to another, and many of these forms are not for the numerically challenged. So while it is certainly wise to familiarize yourself with these forms, it is probably best to obtain professional help if you’re just starting out and want to make sure that your income tax return is prepared correctly.

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Steel Chastity Belts and Chastity Devices – Three Common Myths Debunked

A steel chastity belt enforcing strict orgasm denial and access to his penis is the fantasy of many a man. And it’s easy to see why, because of the many, many benefits of male chastity and orgasm denial that millions of couples around the world can attest to.

But the problem is, the reality is clouded by unlikely and impossible fantasies, as is often the case with this kind of thing.

And while you can argue such fantasies are harmless, and while it’s true they are harmless in the main, it’s also true they can be harmful and damaging to those serious couples who actually swallow the fantasy as fact.

So right now we’re going to look at the three biggest myths about steel chastity belts and devices.

  1. There is a “best” belt or chastity device. Unfortunately, this is not true. There are many, different makes and they’re made from materials as diverse as polycarbonate, stainless steel and titanium. And the only real measure of their relative worth is how well they work for you. Some men, for example, find the polycarbonate devices very effective, even for long-term use; but other men, like my husband, John, found they were effectively useless because he could still masturbate while wearing it. There is often no alternative but to try a few devices and, depending on how serious you are, go for a higher-end custom-made device. Yes, they’re not cheap, but you might be wearing the device for a long time, and if male chastity is important to you, then it’s worth the investment. A belt you don’t wear because it’s uncomfortable or causes soreness or simply doesn’t fit properly is the most expensive device you will ever wear. You might even find you end up buying more than one fairly expensive device because the one you hoped was The One True Device didn’t work out in practice. The key is perseverance. If you want chastity badly enough, then you’ll stick with it — and, believe me, it’s worth it in the long run.
  2. You can simply put it on and forget it. This is a common lie: “my wife locked it on me while I was asleep and now I can’t get it off, and I’ve been locked like this for six months”. Fact is, a good device takes some effort to get on. As it should, because a device that’s too easy to get in is probably a poor fit and will likely be easy to escape from. More than that, though, you need time to let your body adjust to wearing it. There will be the inevitable chafing and a little soreness, just as there is with a new pair of shoes. So take your time to let it all settle down. There is no hurry.
  3. They can be 100% secure. Nope. Another lie. No steel chastity belt or other male chastity device can ever be completely secure. Any one of them can be removed with the kind of simple tools every man has in his garage, albeit with some (perhaps considerable) damage to it. More than that, most men can, with enough effort and determination, bring themselves to orgasm wearing a belt or other device. They are nothing more than a deterrent, the level of deterrence being set by the man’s desire to remain chaste and to some extent by the style, nature and material of the device itself.

I realise what I’ve written above might be disappointing to you, but it’s the truth. And going into male chastity with ideas and expectations based on lies will only set you up for disappointment.

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Acquisition Of Real Estate in Cyprus

The geographical location of Cyprus between Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa together with the well-established legal, banking and accounting infrastructures urge local and foreign business people to invest in immovable property. A considerable advantage of the Cyprus legal system is the protection of ownership without discriminations. That is to say, according to Cyprus Law, Cypriot citizens and foreigners may enjoy all rights associated with ownership of their property without any intervention from the State or individuals. Furthermore, Cyprus is an EU member-state since 2004 and adopted the euro in 2008. As a result, the acquisition of immovable property in Cyprus became easier.

Cypriots and EU citizens:

According to the Cyprus Law, Cypriots and EU citizens Cyprus may acquire any property without restrictions.

Non-EU citizens:

For non-EU citizens there are restrictions on type and size of real estate they are allowed to buy. Precisely, non-EU citizens may purchase a house/a flat/ a building plot/land up to 4.014m2. It should be underlined that non-EU citizens may also buy a shop under the condition that the shop will be used only for business purposes. Additionally, it should be highlighted that Cyprus Companies whose shareholders are non-EU citizens may obtain business offices and residence for their foreign employees given that they maintain a fully-fledged office.

According to the provisions of the Acquisition of Immovable Property (Aliens) Law (Cap.109), non-EU citizens wishing to buy immovable property in Cyprus must submit an Application to the District Office of the District where the property is located.

The Applicant should submit together with the Application the following documents/details:

• Form Comm 145 completed and signed

• Contract of sale

• Financial standing (i.e. a bank statement)

• Particulars of the property and of the current owner

• The terms of payment and the way of acquisition

• A copy of the Applicant’s and the spouse’s passport. In case the spouse does not have the same surname as the Applicant then a marriage certificate needs to be submitted

• Copies of the governmental survey plans

The letter of approval/refusal by the District Office may take approximately up to six months. Nevertheless, the Applicant may in the meantime take procession of the immovable property he/she bought.

Transfer of Ownership:

The transfer of ownership of real estate property is conducted at the Department of Lands and Surveys. The following documents need to be submitted:

• Application Form N207;

• The registration deed of the real estate property;

• Copy of the District Office approval;

• Proofs that all property taxes have been paid;

Fees and Charges:

When a buyer registers the immovable property under his/her name at the District Land Office, he/she will have to pay the corresponding transfer fee which is calculated based on property’s market value at the time of the signing of the contracts. For more information, see Table 1.

Property’s Value in Euros / Transfer Fee (%)

Less than €85.430,10 / 3

€85.430,10- €170.860,14 / 5

More than €170.860,14 / 8

Table 1

Immovable Property Tax:

According to Section 3 of Law 24/1980 the owner of a property is obliged to pay an annual immovable property tax as illustrated below.

Value (€) / Annual Tax (%)

Less than 40.000 / 0.6

40.001-120.000 / 0.8

120.001-170.000 / 0.9

170.001-300.000 / 1.1

300.001-500.000 / 1.3

500.001-800.000 / 1.5

800.001-3.000.000 / 1.7

More than 3.000.000 / 1.9

Stamp Duty:

Usually, the buyer is obliged to pay a stamp duty of 0.15% of the value of the property up to €170.860,14 and 0.20% for more than €170.860,14. The contract should be stamped within a period of 30 days from signing. It should be taken into consideration that if you do not pay the stamp duty on time, then you will have to pay the stamp duty plus a fine.

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The Insurance Take on Driving Faster Than the Speed ​​Limit

In a state-wide effort to curb dangerous driving habits, the State of New York has designated the first week in August as "Speed ​​Week."

What is Speed ​​Week?

Speed ​​Week involves a focused campaign against the perils of driving too fast as well as other forms of distracted driving.

While the anti-speeding program enforced by the particular state's police may be focused on those drive in NY, the message should resonate all over the United States.

Country-wide car insurance claims support the findings of the New York State Police Superintendent George P. Beach II.

"Studies have shown, speeding kills," said the police superintendent in a related interview. "During this campaign and year-round, we will work to reduce this kind of dangerous driving."

The summer and particularly the month of August has been chosen for the period when police personnel target speeding driving due to studies that shine a black light on the same time span in the year 2016. That year was infamously noted for the most driving fatalities occurring as a result of speeding drivers.

Tragically, twenty percent of all 2016 auto deaths were associated with driving above the speed limit.

But that's not all.

As per the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, three out of every ten vehicular drivers unabashedly admit to speeding.

Last year's 2017 summertime law enforcement of "Speed ​​Week" was concluded with approximately 21,000 traffic summonses that were comprised of approximately 9,000 tickets in regard to speeding.

The means of the campaign is through police ticketing. The message? Whether you drive within the borders of New York State or anywhere else in the United States of America, let's work together to halt the frightening trend of driving fatalities resulting from speeding while driving.

Implementing the message is easier than one may tend to think with these six simple tips from the insurance industry.

1. Remember the possible results of speeding while driving: life threatening accidents, police ticketing, a bad driving record and more expensive auto insurance rates.

2. Never drive when agitated or excited. Make a concerted effort to relax prior to driving. Take a deep calming breath, tune into classical or softer music and stop at the side of the road if you need to compose yourself.

3. Give yourself more time in reaching your destination so you will not tend to speed.

4. Make sure to give yourself extra travel time.

5. Pay attention to how fast you are going by glimpsing periodically at your car's speedometer.

6. Use the cruise control on your vehicle while driving on level highways.

7. Drive slightly slower than the posted speed limit.

A safe driver is a happy driver. Have a great summer!

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Two Sides of the Law: Rights Vs Privileges

Did you know … that there are two sides of the law? There is 'the public side' which is the one you are most likely operating in which subjects you to federal mandates, incessant regulations, fines, fees, penalties, jail and even death.

'The Private Side' is available to everyone and provides an escape from 'public law'. However, nobody will talk about it because it's deemed a 'threat' to the 'system'. The mafia does not like competition you know!

OK here's a little tidbit for you to ponder … A 'license' or 'permit' is a limited permission to do that which is otherwise unlawful.

Question # 1 … when did it become 'illegal' to get married? Do not you need a 'license'?

Question # 2 … when did it become illegal to repair your own home? Do not you need a 'permit'?

… and why to I need to pay someone else for their permission to manage my own affairs and my own property?

We (Americans) do not get rights 'from' the constitution as so many people mistakenly say. The constitution was created to 'protect' our naturally endowed God given rights and to bind down the hands of mischievous men in power so that they could NOT infringe upon those rights that are bestowed upon us by God.

So the last question of the day is: "So then why are our public servants and elected representatives ignoring those limitations and creating civil strife against the people (their masters) with constant harassment and police powers?" The answer is as clear as black and white and you will be surprised. It's not 'them' that are in error. It's you!

Let me set up the scenario so we can understand this a little better. Let's say I have a little private island in the middle of the ocean and I want to do business. But there are no customers. I see a cruise ship going by every day. I want those people to be my customers, and not just for a 'day visit', but forever. So, to get the men interested, I offer plenty of cute island girls and free beer. To get the women interested, I offer free spa and beauty treatments and unlimited free shoes of all kinds!

So word gets out and the cruise clients demand that the ship stop along the way which it soon does to keep their cruise business going and their customers happy. As people enter the island we have immigration checkpoint of course. To get on the island, I have everyone sign a contract which basically says that they give up all natural rights at the shoreline, and on the island they must abide by all commercial regulations on the island. And when the people leave the island, the terms of the contract say that the person 'must abide by the same rules sinceforth, where they go.

Now, of course law does not normally work this way as there are jurisdictional issues. To get around this, I know I can not control John Smith when he goes home to Kentucky. So, I'll get John Smith to admit that he is JOHN SMITH, which by operation of law is another 'legal person'. And as long as John Smith, thinks he's JOHN SMITH, he 'll have to send me money whenever I send JOHN SMITH a bill because it's in the contract and he agreed to it.

The people do not care, and they do not understand anyway at first. They just want island girls, free beer and free shoes! They say 'yeah, yeah, whatever …' and sign the contract to get on the island to get their benefits. Knowing that 'no law can abrogate the rights of contract', I'm feeling pretty good that I'm getting shiploads of new customers every day who are committing to me for life, by contract.

My fees, taxes and other business I take in more than pays for the beer and shoes I give away and now with this business model, I can show investors a steady stream of incoming new customers. With my accounting books and cash flow I can now borrow huge amounts of money to build my empire, enforce my contracts, and grow, grow grow! My little island business is a HUGE success!

So then, in reality, my little 'island business' is only 10 miles square in area and surrounded by Virginia and Maryland. Yep, the UNITED STATES government, which is not to be confused with the republic of the united 'States of America'. It's spelled this way with small 'u' because the word 'united' here is used as an 'adjective', not part of the name. It describes the noun which is the governmental unit for the 'States of America', which are supreme on the 'Private Side' of the law.

This is a not so small and very important distinction. The 'republic' is the de jure, or 'lawful' government where the private side of the law ie your God given rights and constitutional limitations on government, are operational.

The UNITED STATES is a corporate entity governed by corporate bylaws ie legislation for its corporate members and all those who volunteer into its jurisdiction by way of contract!

In the old days of the republic, when babies were born, the permanent record of birth was made in the family bible, the name listed as John Smith, and it was witnessed by those present for authentication. Under the new system, people apply for the BIRTH CERTIFICATE which creates our legal, juristic person: JOHN SMITH in place of John Smith and immediately, as a baby there are two people born. The living breathing person, and the fictitious 'trust' entity (legal person) which will serve 'my island business'.

Now, since 1933, when House Joint Resolution 192 removed 'legal money' from circulation and there was no more money to 'pay' for things (ie gold and silver) a whole new system emerged. At that time, the medium of exchange became 'credit' or 'promises to pay' (ie Federal Reserve Note). All we get are 'promises to pay' which never get paid (at law) and so by operation of law, this 'benefit' which is the privilege of 'discharging' the liability of a debt (not actually paying for it by law) brings us under the purview of 'the laws of commerce' in all that we do. Commerce of course is regulated. THE UNITED STATES then makes everything a 'commercial activity' for JOHN SMITH which allows it to regulate JOHN SMITH from cradle to grave and JOHN SMITH pays fees, registrations, fines, taxes and incurs potential criminal penalties if he does not follow the corporate by laws ie Federal regs.

So now are you starting to see the lines of distinction between the 'Private' side of the law and the 'Public' side?

And so now let's go back to the benefits. They tell us, "You need the birth certificate in order to enroll your child in school, and to get a job, and to enroll in Social security, and, and, and …" Before you know it, you have so many 'adhesion contracts' (non-negotiable) with the island business, you are completely wrapped up and can never claim your God given right because they are superseded by your 'voluntary agreement' when you applied for benefits and entered into 'contract' with THE UNITED STATES.

This is why 'the constitution' no longer applies to most people. Just like Esau cave up his inheritance for a bowl of porridge in the book of Genesis, most of us have done the same thing. Nearly all courts in the UNITED STATES are courts of 'Admiralty' jurisdiction. They are administrative tribunals administrating the bankruptcy of THE UNITED STATES (bankrupt since they removed the 'legal money' in HJR 192). The courts are there only to administrator the contract under bankruptcy laws. They are NOT there to protect your rights. They have no jurisdiction or authority over that. It's not that the judge is 'bad', he or she is only following the rules of the court in Admiralty. So if you demand constitutional rights in a contract court of admiralty, then 'you' are the one who is out of order!

We've only scratched the surface on this subject but I hope I've gotten your attention. Everyone should understand this and what the remedies are. Demanding rights and putting hope in the political process are folly and a complete waste of time (on the national level) until you and your sheriff understand the operation of law and whether you are on the PUBLIC SIDE or the Private side.

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How to Get a Cannabis Card: Simplicity Steps Revealed

Lots of people in the United States today are wondering how to get a cannabis card. The reality is that these unique and state issued IDs are not just something that you can stop at at the DMV and apply for. Rather, they are only issued by the public health department of each state, and all of the states require that certain specific procedures are followed during the application process in order to approve a medical for patients. Since state laws can be complex, and finding marijuana doctors can be a time consuming task, this article should prove to be very helpful if you are seeking to obtain today.

The Medical Purpose of Cannabis

Let's first define the medical purpose of cannabis so you can understand what qualifies you in your state. Numerous studies – many of which are still ongoing – have purported in their results the practical medical application of cannabis for treatment. When compared to hard prescription drugs, like painkillers or muscle relaxers, cannabis has proven to be equally as effective with few reactions, interactions, adverse reactions or side effects. Thus deeming it by medical professionals as a realistic naturopathic treatment option for particular medical conditions that are chronologically symptomatic by nature.

Why You Need a Medicinal Cannabis Card

The really good news is that 15 states and DC have moved to decriminalize medical cannabis for patients who are in need. However, they also have put into place strict regulatory programs to manage patients. Inclusive of these regulations are which serve as a patient ID for law enforcement to verify, as well as their access card to marijuana dispensaries that sell medicine in their state. If you do not have a card, you are illegally using cannabis, and can be prosecuted for it, even if the uses are medicinal.

Simplest Steps to Take on How to Get a Cannabis Card

Thankfully, the process is not as complicated as it is made out to be. Here are some of the simplest steps that you can take to get your cannabis card today.
1. Research cannabis doctors and clinics in your area and make an appointment.
2. Bring your medical history and any other records to your appointment.
3. See your doctor and get your written and legal, signed medical marijuana recommendation.
4. Submit your signed marijuana recommendation with any other documentation and fees to the public health department in your state.
5. Upon approval, they will issue you a medicinal cannabis card

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Comments: Not Filing Your Tax Return Will Cost You Money

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