Does Time Exist or Is It an Illusion of Man's Creation?

This question is posed because in space there is no time. On earth we gauge time by the cycles of the earth around the sun. Days divided into segments are man's invention designed to better communicate with each other. The seasons are likewise a measure from the sun's rise and fall in the sky above. The longest and shortest days were measured by sticks placed in position to follow the course of the sun's elevation. So the name 'sol-stick' or 'solstice'.

But if we move away from the earth, as space craft allow, then by measure measure we should divide something into timely segments. Space is black as light can not be seen without it strikes an object. The further one moves away from the sun the less light there is to see the other planets in our solar system.

On any other planet our earth's time would not apply because their cycles around the sun are longer or shorter. The seasons would also not apply because the temperature for growth is possibly not suitable as well.

So if time is an illusion of man's creation what purpose does it serve in the long run? Is it something we require for life or just a convenience to blot out the reality of something else.

My reincarnation provided an insight into the Great Spirit of the Universe and the extent of space. After my last death I was total darkness, just as if I was in space. There was no tunnel with light at the end or fanciful music or other people. There was only the Spirit and the great joy it gave me, which is beyond description.

Then I was given a vision of my next life ahead and was then above my parents as they were married. That event happened one month before I was born and it is a well recorded date.

Death is nothing to fear because it is part of our journey from one life to the next. Religious institutions and governments hide behind notions of heaven and hell to enforce their power and control. These tools of convenience force everyone into shape, as it were, by the threat of eternal damnation.

Through the build up of fear within the minds of others one achieves more than otherwise is possible. That is what kings and rulers are aware of. Time has its convenience in the world of domination and forced labor but in the scheme of things it probably does not even exist.

What we think of as age is nothing more than a stage, a one life out of many lives. Beyond the dreams instigated by me there may be huge surprises of a totally unexpected existence. One thing is certain – we only feel because we are alive and we only know things because we feel. Time has no bearing on it.

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Source by Norma Holt


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