How to Regulate Moving Meditation to Cure Depression

The idea of ​​moving meditation is to move with mindful or even prayerful intentions. Remember to keep focused on the movement of your legs, the swinging rhythm of your arms, or the sound of your breath, while letting your mind drift away from any stress or tension.

The key to this form of meditation is that you must seek an activity that relaxes your mind completely. For example, make a definite timing which you will spend time with your family members and agree that no one is to discuss any single thing about work / problems absolutely.

Of course, moving meditation can also be practiced alone. Find out what do you enjoy deeply? Do you like fishing alone? Or maybe you like to jog alone? It does not matter. The only thing that matters is that it must be able to lift your mind completely. For other regular activities, it might be hard to forget about your troubles entitlely. This is why I have stated very explicitly at the beginning of this article that moving meditation requires you to find an activity that you enjoy immensely.

This method of meditation has always been a problem to couch potatoes. Usually, recalcitrant couch potatoes find it really hard to enforce the idea of ​​moving meditation, which is why people who hate exercising can sink much further into depression. Instead of wandering outside physically, they allow their minds to wander freely. They get more uplight with their problems and various fears kick in simultaniously. This is not a good practice.

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Source by Jerry Herman Jansen


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