Toughbook 19 Panasonic – 2 Reasons Why Law Enforcement Officials Depend on It and Why You Will Too

Here are two big reasons why the Toughbook 19 Panasonic is extremely popular with law enforcement officers.

1. It has a touchscreen.

You can there before use just one hand – one finger, really – to operate your laptop.

This makes it easier for you to use your laptop if you are in a waiting room, on a bus, … you can hold your laptop steady with one hand while conveniently using your other hand to work your computer. And you can balance or fix the computer and literally use one finger to operate it. Without having to squash yourself into unnatural painful positions. Without having to consistently negotiate for elbow room. Both of which you have to do when using both hands on the keyboard and controls.

In fact, this is a big reason why law enforcement officers like the Panasonic CF 19 Toughbook. With the touchscreen, they can still use their computers in high speed chases.

2. You can twist the screen on the Panasonic TB 19 around and lay it back down flat so that it's screen is facing out, not in.

This way, it works like a tablet computer. So you can write reports, write notes, and scribble messages, in your handwriting, directly into your computer. You can, immediately, then edit what you've written, save it in your handwriting or as text, and even send it to friends, collections, to the office, home, your website …

With this, you are not having to make notes on paper, not risking losing your notes, and not having to then go back and write things up in neat before sending your report where you need to go. This ability of the CF 19 Panasonic Toughbook to act as a tablet is an intense time saver.

Also, when you make your real notes as you go, you train yourself to work more efficiently. You get to be more thorough, more observant. And you find you have to do a lot less follow up research to fill in the gaps.

Because you can get it into tablet mode as quickly as a flash, the Panasonic CF 19 Laptop is extremely convenient to use in this way, while on the move.

Increasing numbers of law enforcement officers do just that. They write up their reports at the scene, when all the details are fresh in their mind, and where they can immediately look for any extra information they need. They then transmit their reports back to the office. Job done.

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Source by Tessa Green