Bank of England to publish results of Market Participants Survey

News release

The Bank of England announces today that it will begin publishing aggregate results of a new Market Participants Survey from February 2022 onwards. The survey, which is formulated by Bank of England staff, has previously been run in pilot form as a quantitative complement to the Bank’s routine market intelligence gathering functions. The survey will collect information on market participants’ expectations about monetary policy and financial markets. It will run eight times a year, aligned with the six-week schedule of the monetary policy meetings of the MPC.

The Bank will publish the survey results in aggregate form for each round on the Friday following the release of the MPC Minutes. The first survey results to be published will be those for the February round, on 4 February 2022.

Survey respondents comprise a broad set of market participants and have been selected by the Bank based on a number of criteria, including: (i) relevant market activity in UK rates or money markets, (ii) external market committee membership, (iii) expertise in UK rates markets and/or UK monetary policy, and (iv) willingness to participate regularly in the survey and in the Bank’s market intelligence activity.


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