Minutes of the Standards Advisory Panel – December 2021


Item 1 – Welcome and introductions

The Chair welcomed members to the Panel and provided an overview of the agenda for the meeting.

The Chair noted that the Secretariat will be sending a request for Panel members’ biographies and asked members to submit them ahead of the next meeting.

Item 2 – Future of Standards Strategy

Pay.UK recapped the UK Finance presentation from the previous SAP meeting. The Panel was updated on developments with the Standards Engagement Forum (SEF) since the last meeting, including on funding and that James Whittle had taken on the role of Chair.

The Panel discussed the future of Standards strategy in the UK payments industry and how SAP could assist the SEF and vice versa. It was noted that SAP has a range of expertise, which could be used to inform, assist and evidence support for broader initiatives beyond interbank payments. Together, with clear communication, the cross-industry standards expertise could act as a strong source of industry demand and contribution.

The Panel noted that the active involvement of end users and stakeholders In SAP is hugely beneficial to ensure a cross-industry perspective on issues being considered and that would also be the case with SEF, as well as increasing value for money.

The Secretariat referenced the work on identifying opportunities for fraud prevention using enhanced data undertaken recently, noting having a joint approach with all the parties would hold value and benefit to the industry.

Pay.UK will continue to work with the Bank and other industry stakeholders and come back to SAP at an appropriate point in the new year.

Item 3 – Review of 2021 and Outlook

Pay.UK and the Bank of England highlighted some of the 2021 achievements throughout the year.

Engaging end users and having active conversations was important this year and will be even more so next year. The Panel queried if there exists a defined comprehensive list of end users within the sector to consider when evaluating the end-user impact of issues considered at SAP. The Secretariat confirmed there was no single codified list of end-users but was supportive of having some level of mapping based on outcomes.

Action: The Secretariat will consider an approach to end user mapping for use in end-user outcomes going forward.

Looking forward to 2022, the Bank and Pay.UK will continue to develop our technical standards materials closely to ensure there is alignment between the high value and retail payments infrastructures, working closely with SAP and industry more broadly.

The Panel agreed on a focus on enabling benefits and clear end user outcomes through the use of enhanced data, including a focus on fraud and other specific use cases. Action: The Secretariat to create a draft plan and narrative for SAP in 2022.

Item 4 – Any other business

Following a question from the Panel, the Bank gave a brief status update on RTGS Renewal Programme.

Close of meeting.


[NB all by Zoom videoconference]


Karen Braithwaite, Chair (Barclays)
James Whittle, member (Pay.UK)
James Southgate, member (Bank of England)
Margaret Walsh, member (Oracle)
Ralf Ohlhausen, member (PPRO)
Caroline Stockmann, member (Association of Corporate Treasurers)
Domenico Scaffidi, member (Volante)
Mike Walters, member (Form3)
James Barclay, member (JP Morgan)
Robert White, member (Santander UK)
David Heron, secretariat (Pay.UK)
Kira Marwaha, secretariat (Pay.UK)
Mark Streather, secretariat (Bank of England)
Elizabeth Leather, secretariat (Bank of England)


Jo Oxley, member (Government Banking Service)
Toby Young, member (Ebury)
Ian Ellis, observer (PSR)
Oli Bogaerts, observer (FCA)


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