Statistical Notice 2022/20 | Bank of England

Additionally, a revised Form IPA definitions document, effective from the first reporting period (November 2023) of the new taxonomy, is available on the Forms, definitions and validations.

First reporting of the Statistical Taxonomy 1.3.0 for Form IPA will be December 2023 for the November 2023 reporting period. Form IPA reporters have been contacted directly to be advised of this taxonomy update.

Please note that all entry points from taxonomy v1.2.4 have been included in this release so that firms can adopt this latest taxonomy if they wish. As no changes are being proposed to the v1.2.4 entry points, firms that do not report Form IPA are not required to adopt v1.3.0. In taxonomy v1.3.0 the ‘all’ entry point has been updated to include Form IPA, a summary of entry points is provided within the release note.


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