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The new PRA Rulebook website will be launched on Wednesday 10 April 2024, and will be available at This web address is the same as that used for the current website, and all existing links will continue to operate, including the existing Rulebook links on the Bank and PRA website, as well on the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) Handbook website.

We have migrated all Rulebook content and metadata to our new platform, and begun adding PRA supervisory statements (SS) and statements of policy (SoP), to be completed by year-end. Features like ‘time-travel’ rule viewing, embedded links, and Glossary pop-ups remain available.

The new PRA Rulebook website has been designed to be more engaging and informative for users taking into account the feedback received following PRA discussion paper (DP)3/21 – The PRA Rulebook website: Planned updates. Key changes to the Rulebook website include:

  • ‘look and feel’ design in line with modern website standards, and better accessibility; 
  • ‘Related Links’ re-organised to provide easier access to policy statements (PS), and Guidance (SS and SoP) and other material;
  • easier to use ‘time-travel’ function showing a visual timeline of the dates when a Part has changed;
  • improved functionality to see the past, as well as future, versions of a rule;
  • links better reflect the location of the webpage, for example by the use of Part names rather than internal reference numbers;
  • the homepage provides links to current consultations; 
  • an improved ‘What’s New’ page which provides information on the most recent changes to Rulebook content (including SS and SoP);
  • the ability to access on a rule-by-rule basis the legal instruments and PS that changed a rule; and
  • easier to use Glossary section. 

Redirects will be set up to keep your saved links to the old website functional after the transition. 

If you would like to contact us regarding this update, please continue to do so by emailing:


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