Statistical Notice 2022/13 | Bank of England

BEEDS Reporting in units

We would like to remind Firms that Statistical data must be reported in units for all forms when reporting on BEEDS.

Previous reporting on OSCA was requested in thousands or millions (depending on the specific form) but we are requiring reporting in units from the adoption of taxonomy 1.2 onwards. This change provides consistency across all forms and for some will reduce the amount of manipulation required when preparing data submissions.

It is permitted to round values to maintain the same level of precision as reported prior to the adoption of the Bank of England Statistics taxonomy (accurate to thousands or millions). It is also permitted to report more precisely and report figures as known, for example accurate to units. The level of precision reported to is communicated using the @decimals attribute. Further details about this attribute are provided in the accompanying filing manual.

The below question has been added to the FAQ document.

Q: How do I convert my data from thousands to unit based reporting?
A: If you previously reported, for example, a figure of 12345 in a box on the BT (which is reported in thousands), you would now need to report a figure of 12345000 to report the exact same figure in units. In this example, your decimals attribute would need to be -3, to indicate the level of precision for this data point, is accurate to thousands. If you now wish to report more accurately, you could report 12345678, with a precision level of 0, indicating that this data point is accurate to units.

Data Data Reported XBRL value Value of @decimals attribute Inferred range of values Example OSCA reported value
Accurate to millions 1,656,500 -6 1,156,500 to 2,156,500 2 (rounded to millions)
Accurate to thousands 1,656,500 -3 1,656,000 to 1,657,000 1657 (rounded to thousands)
Accurate to units 1,656,500 0 1,656,499.5 to 1,656,500.5 1657 (rounded to thousands)
Exact 1,656,500 INF 1,656,500 1657 (rounded to thousands)
Accurate to 2 decimal places 1,656,500.45 2 1,656,500.445 to 1,656,500.455

1657 (rounded to thousands)


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